Remedies for Weak Mangal in all 12 Houses

In this post. I have given selected remedies for a unlucky, weak, harmful or inauspicious Mangal [Mars] situated in each of the 12 houses of the horoscope. These remedies are based upon the various Totke mentioned in the Lal Kitab to offset the harmful ill effects of adverse, dangerous and malefic planets in the horoscope.

First House- Never take anything for anybody free.
Second House- Donate Food and Food Grains.
Third House- Always help your brothers and sisters.
Fourth House- Upon getting up in the morning, first wash your teeth with a little bit of water, before applying toothpaste on the toothbrush.
Fifth House- Always remember to perform the Shraddha Rituals for departed ancestors every year.
Sixth House- Regular worship of Shiva or Ganesha.
Seventh House- Keep a thick [not hollow] Silver Marble in the house.
Eighth House- Offer Split Bengal Gram as offerings in temples or holy places.
Ninth House- Always take the blessings of elders by touching their feet.
Tenth House- Always help childless people.
Eleventh House- Always keep Honey in your House.
Twelfth House- Use red colored caps, helmets, turbans and other headgear. Use red colored handkerchiefs.

Other than the totke given above, the generalized ones given below can also prove to be beneficial if suffering from a weak or harmful Mangal.
Never feel jealous or resentful regarding the success or achievements of others, if jealousy or resentment sinks in, try to remove it from you mind as soon as possible.
As far a possible try to share the grief and sorrows of others and try to help as much as possible.
Keep your behavior and conduct as clean as possible.

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