Fruits of each Chapter of Bhagavad Gita

The Bhagavad Gita; the Divine Words of Shri Krishna is arguably the Holiest and Purest of the Hindu religious compositions and scriptures. This Divine composition comprises of 18 Chapters or Adhyaya. The essence and fruits of reading each of the Chapters of the Bhagavad Gita is given here for the benefit of readers of this site.

Adhyaya 1   Paap Mukti [Eradication of Sins]
Adhyaya 2   The Mind is engulfed with love
Adhyaya 3   The Mind becomes Pure and tends to perform Good Karma
Adhyaya 4   The Mind becomes Peaceful
Adhyaya 5   The Mind becomes Peaceful, Harmonious and moves towards Dhyana Yoga
Adhyaya 6    Leads towards Atma Sanjog [Greater Understanding the Self]
Adhyaya 7    Become one processing Great Knowledge
Adhyaya 8    Leads to Perfect Physical and Mental Health
Adhyaya 9    Rajyoga [ Focused and Single Minded Mental Meditation]
Adhyaya 10  Increase in Physical and Mental Strength
Adhyaya 11  Victory and Triumph
Adhyaya 12  Physical Strength and Bhakti
Adhyaya 13  Higher or Deeper Knowledge and Education
Adhyaya 14  All Desires are Fulfilled
Adhyaya 15  Innermost Wish becomes Fulfilled
Adhyaya 16  Wealth
Adhyaya 17  Increase in Wealth and Food Grains
Adhyaya 18  The Goal of Life is Fulfilled and Param Siddhi is gained

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  1. Neel sahib,

    a major question and I believe only you can answer.
    i understand that there is no time so past , present and future is all now. And i am in everything and everything is in me so every person in the world/universe is me from past present and future, so then this means there is no karma and no reincarnation. is this correct ?

    1. Yes, that is what those like Adi Shankara, who scaled the highest states of existence said.

      I live inside the thing, the thing lives inside me, so, I am the thing - is what I have stated on this site time and again.

      Karma and reincarnation are the evolutionary processes of thoughts or the mental body, those who transcend the " Me " and " I " are beyond Karma and Reincarnation and the Past and Present. They experience the Timeless State.


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