Remedies for Unlucky Sun in all 12 Houses

Surya[ the Sun] is symbolic of the father in a horoscope. As such the Sun is not harmful, but if placed in a unlucky, malefic, retrograde or adverse position or in conjunction with Paap Graha, then the native can suffer huge problems and life becomes difficult for him. In order to rectify this adversity, the Lal Kitab gives certain remedies for each of the 12 houses of a horoscope.

The remedies given in this post to offset the malefic effects of the Sun in any of the 12 astrological houses of a horoscope are based upon the Totke given in the Lal Kitab. The more practical of the Lal Kitab Totke are given below others, which are difficult to perform have been ignored.

First House- If Rahu [North Node] is also present in this house, then immerse coal in any flowing water body, like a river or sea. If Ketu[South Node] is present in this house along with the Sun, then bury Barley in a dark place and keep a weight like a stone on this place.
Second House- Never take Bajra[Pearl Millet] or wheat from anyone for free. Perform Totke to appease Shani[Saturn]. for example donating items connected to Shani like oil, coconuts and almonds.
Third House- As far as possible keep a good moral conduct.
Fourth House- Give Annadaan[free food] to blind persons in your ancestral house.
Fifth House- Try to help, serve or feed a monkey having a red face.
Sixth House- Keep dogs as pets and feed them rotis made from Bajra or wheat.
Seventh House- Immerse any item or thing associated with Guru[Jupiter] in a flowing water body.
Eighth House- As Surya is the symbol of Vishnu, worship and do Upasana of Vishnu, for example read the Vishnusahasranama [ the thousand names of Vishnu] every day.
Ninth House- Donate silver, rice grains and milk.
Tenth House-  Wear clothes and headgear of a white or wheatish color.
Eleventh House- As far as possible avoid consuming meat, fish, eggs and any kind of alcohol.
Twelfth House- Never give false testimony or witness. Always follow the right path.

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