Traits in Women from Eyelashes and Eyebrows

The trails present in a person can be predicted from structure, positioning, shape, color and other specific characteristics of the different body parts. In this post, is given a method of predicting the traits present in a woman from her eyelashes and eyebrows.

These traits are a part of the larger study of all body parts present in a person as per the ancient Indian Sanskrit texts and should not be looked at in isolation, as the correct future can only be predicted by studding all the body parts of a person.

Predicting traits in a woman from her Eyelashes
If the eyelashes of a woman are soft, dark in color, shining or glowing, shapely and beautiful she is loved by everyone.  She is the darling of her husband and is never short of money.

If the eyebrows of a woman are yellowish, long and scattered, or if the hair are thick or if there are very little hair then this woman is found of extra-marital love affairs.

Predicting the traits in a woman from her Eyebrows
If the eyebrows of a woman are round or bow shaped, soft, blackish, or if the hair is delicate then this woman is likely arouse the passions and desires of males.

If the eyebrows are light brown in color, scattered, straight,inter- tangled, thick or if there are very less or no hair or if the eyebrows are bent  then this woman is considered to have inauspicious qualities.

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