Predict Future from Semen and Urine

Amongst the strangest and rarest of the Indian Tantras, I have come across is a specific Tantra to predict the future from the smell and color of Semen and the flow of Urine. Both these Tantras of course predict the future of men only. I have given some of the methods used below for the interest of readers.

If the semen smells like scented flowers then, the person become very powerful; like a king.
If it smells like fish, then this person has more daughters.
If smelling like meat, then he is a selfish, self centered and calculating man.
If the semen smells like alcohol, then the person is a philanthropist and has a most generous and giving nature.
If the color of the semen is misty or cloudy, then such a person has a sad and melancholy nature.
If the color is like pure milk, then this person gains power and authority.

If the urine falls to the right, then it indicates power.
If it falls in a scattered stream, then such a man is poor.
If the urine flows like a wave, then such a person has beautiful children.

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