Paranormal Remedies

Certain paranormal remedies for a lot of day to day problems which do not have a logical answer rely on paranormal remedies to rectify that problem. These remedies are still in practice in India.

The collection which I have put here is unique. This collection is for information and educational purposes regarding traditional Indian paranormal remedies.

Removing the Evil Eye
Powerful Remedy for Protection from Black Magic
Most simple remedy for protection of the self
Remedy to prevent evil energies entering home
Remedies to keep evil from entering house
Simple way to exorcise a house
Removing the evil eye from infants
Remedies for nightmares in children
Simple Remedy to get rid of fear
Simple Remedy to immobilize animals
Remedy to remove the fear of Snakes
Paranormal remedy using black dog
Paranormal remedy to remove fear of police
Remedies for Women for Safety of Husband
Remedies for Husbands Extra-Marital Affairs
Remedy to End Extramarital Affair of Husband
Try this to forget someone you love
Paranormal Remedy for False Accusations
Tantra to know Hidden Secrets of Others
Rock Salt Remedies for Psychic Attacks
How to Negate Harmful Effects of Psychic Attacks
Lighting a Nandadeep to Resolve Problems
Paranormal remedy increase the brain powers of children
Remedy to Increase Memory Power of Child - 2
Paranormal remedy for mental weakness
Remedy if your child avoids studies
Benefits of Peacock feathers
Paranormal Remedies using Umbilical Cord
Paranormal Remedies with Vulture Body Parts
Paranormal Indian remedy for winning court cases
Paranormal Indian remedy for disputes with husband
Totka for Quarrels Between Women of Joint Family
If you are suspicious of your husband
Remedy for gambler and drunkard husband
Paranormal Remedy for Short-Tempered Husband
Remedies for Victory in Debates and Sports
Paranormal Indian remedy for domestic peace
Paranormal Remedies for Domestic Peace - 2
Remedy Invoking the Night Sky to Resolve Problems
Paranormal Tantra to Walk Tirelessly
Tantric Experiments with Ekakshi Nariyal
Totka to remove Nazar Dosh from Food
Paranormal Remedy for Self-Conscious Women
Paranormal Remedies for Differences with Parents
Remedies for Travel to Unlucky Directions
Monkeybone Tantra Remedy to Protect Village
Paranormal Experiments for Brain Power and Honor
Paranormal Experiment using Pigeon
Importance of Haldi Rituals In Hinduism
Indian Paranormal Experiments using Dog
Paranormal Remedy for Protection from Lightening
Paranormal Remedy for House Lizard Falling of Body
Kak Tantra Remedy for Success in Examinations
Magical Tantra to Open Lock Without Key
Ancient Spell to Extinguish a Fire
Spell to Become Invisible to Everyone
Remedy for Removing Anger in Women in Kitchen
Secret Talisman to Become Invisible
Magical Paste for Becoming Invisible
Spell to Open Lock Without Key
Paranormal Benefits of Using Purple Color
Remedies for Kalesh Nazar and Shatru Dosha
Simple Spells for Getting Over Ex-Lover
8 Simple to Perform Totke for Everyone
Upay to Always remain a Sada Sughan
Paranormal Remedy to Remain Happy in Old Age
Tantra for Consuming Large Quantity of Food
Totke for Problems By Mother-in-law and Husbands Family
Totke for Safety from Road Accidents
Rare Remedy to Remove Liquor Addiction of Husband
Remedy to Prevent Disloyalty By Lover
Remedy to Remove Father Son Differences
Totka for Disobedient and Arrogant Children
Totka to Make Run Away Family Member Come Back
Attract Positive Energy on Dhanteras
Paranormal Remedies for Cheating and Treachery by Friends
Powerful Remedy for Success on Diwali
Coconut Camphor Ritual for Peace and Prosperity
4 Paranormal Remedies Using Cloves
Tantra to Start and Stop Rains


  1. Hi, can i have a remedy to reduce breast size in women/ large breast size is embarassing as well as causes back pain. Your assistance will be highly appreciated

  2. dear sir, can you tell me the remedies for getting water from digging borewell

  3. Sir vashikaran with hair of girl can u tell some.
    Also something on intution and third eye

  4. what can i do to get power to look at people and tell thier problems i want powers like pundits to collect people d.o.b and tell thier problems how can i do that how can i collect someones adress and see what their house looks like without going and doing it with ur shakti how plz sir is there a way

  5. Sir, I am suffering from a paranormal struggle.

    I am medically ok but not able to sexually perform with my wife... this is causing immense problems. pls help sir

  6. Sir,
    Can you please advice on remedies for doshas like stree shap (curse of women),
    Pitru shap (curse of manes) Aand brahma shap (curse of a brahmin) please. I have looking all places but I havnt got right answers for this

    1. For stree dosh plz give daan to widow s on the day of your Janma Nakshatra... Food clothes etc
      Get tripindi shraddha done..
      For pitrudosha..
      Get tripindi shraddha plus Narayan naagbali

  7. How I get guru to raisr kundilini

  8. Please give me remedy for a better job urgently,it's imp

  9. I want to lit a nandadeep but I have a death in my husband's family just 5 days back... can I still do it... I live in another country

    1. If you are followers of Hindu Dharma, it is better to do so after the 10th or 13th day of the demise of a family member.


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