Kak Tantra Remedy for Success in Examinations

The Tantrik remedy described by me in this post is contained in the Kak Tantra, this paranormal Indian  remedy is especially practiced by aspirants seeking success in an examinations.  The remedy called in the Hindu language as the Pariksha Me Safalta Prapt Karne Ka Upay is preformed using a crow to prepare a magical talisman, which as per the Tantra is said to give success to the aspirant.

The Totka should be commenced on the day of Chaturdashi, which is the 14th Tithi of the Waxing or Waning Phase of the Moon as per the Hindu Lunar Calendar.

On this day, the practitioner should capture a crow at the time of sunset.

Then, the practitioner should tie seven knots on a red colored thread and then tie that thread around the neck of the crow.

The crow should should be kept in a cage and fed sufficient quantity of grains mixed in water and honey. This should be done for three days.

Then, on the fourth day, the practitioner should remove the red colored thread from the neck of the crow and the release the crow and keep the Lal Dhaga in a safe place.

After this, on the day of examinations, the practitioner should untie the seven knots one-by-one and while untying the knots pray to his or her favored deity for success in the examinations. Then, he should tie the red colored thread around his wrist like a lucky talisman.

The Kak Tantra says that if the examinations are scheduled for more than one day, then the practitioner has to capture crows in proportion to the number of days for which the examinations are scheduled. The same procedure mentioned above should be repeated for all the crows.

This is so because a new red colored thread should be used for each day of the examination. Before tying a new thread the earlier thread should be removed and kept aside in a safe place. Then, after the completion of the examinations, all the threads should be collectively immersed in flowing water.

Note- the remedy is from the Kak Tantra and is published for the sake of imparting knowledge. This site is in no position to guarantee the success of this Indian paranormal remedy.


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