Blackmagic Removal By Paan Mantra

A very unique kind of Exorcism Mantra and Ritual, which makes the use of a Paan has been described by me in this post.  The Mantra is a Shabar Mantra, which originates from the Bengali Blackmagic Tantra and is used by Spell-Casters to exorcise invisible ghostly and demonic beings, evil-eye and other dangerous energies from a possessed person.

The Siddhi Sadhana to gain control over the Mantra should be done on any Tuesday at night in a lonely place or a closed room, where the practitioner is not likely to get disturbed, while performing the Mantra Prayog.

The practitioner should take a Coconut and apply Shendur on the Coconut and place it in-from of him along with a lighted oil-lamp, while chanting the Mantra.

Then, he should chant the Mantra given below 1008 times using a counting rosary made from Rudraksha Beads.

The Coconut can be kept in the Puja-Ghar or any clean place in the house of the practitioner.

काली देवी कलकत्ता वाली, गुरु के दिया, फूस के बाती |
विधा पढ़ेन, मंगलराती |
जारे बैरी के मस्तक मां बैठवे |
बैठे के गुदी खावें नैने फोर, पानी पीवें |
छाती बैठ, करेजा खाय |
रक्त के कुल-कुल्ला करबे |
बैरी के जान ला |
टोर के आबे तब पारबती के नाम कहाबे |
सच्चा कालिका देवी कहाबे |

Kaali Devi Kalkatta Vaali, Guru Ke Diya, Foos Ke Baati |
Vidhaa Padhen, Mangalraati |
Jaare Bairi Ke Mastak Maam Baithave |
Baithe Ke Gudi Khaaven Naine For, Pani Peeven |
Chati Baith, Kareja Khaay |
Rakt Ke Kul-Kulla Karbe |
Bairi Ke Jaan Laa |
Tor ke Aabe Tab Paarbati Ke Naam Kahaabe |
Saccha Kaalika Devi Kahaabe ||

After, Siddhi, to use the Shabar Mantra to exorcise any person of harmful energies, including Upri Hawa. Buri Bala. Buri Nazar, Bhoot-Pret Badha, the Vidhi given below should be performed.

The practitioner should take a Paan[eatable made from Betel leaves] in his right hand and chant the Exorcism Mantra 21 times, in order to Abhimintrit the Paan with the Mantra.

The Tantra says that when the possessed/affected person eats the Paan, the evil-entity/entities will leave his body, aura and surroundings and never trouble and harass him again.

Note- Even though, the Mantra names Kali Mata as Kali Kalkatte Vaali and Kalikaa, the Tantra has not prescribed any kind of worship or ritual of Kali Mata. Hence, this is a stand-alone Exorcism Mantra, which does does not need any other form of worship.


  1. Sir,
    what to do with coconut further ie., how to dispose the coconut later pl.

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    guru g aapse contact kese kru ..koe email id bta dejiye bhaut jroori hae.


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