Kak Tantra Vashikaran to Attract Lover

The Vashikaran Vidhi mentioned in this post is an out and out Kala Jadu or Black Magic ritual, which is used to cast a most powerful Vashikaran Voodoo Spell on any man or woman for any purpose, including love and marriage. This fearsome Vashikaran Totka appears in the Kak Tantra, which describes the use of the Crow and it body parts in Tantrik rituals and dark practices.

To practice this Vashikaran Ritual, the Spell Caster has to capture a Crow on a Saturday. The Crow has to be kept in a cage and fed with a mixture of Grains, Milk, Water, Curds and Honey in sufficient quantity on each of these three days.

Then, on Tuesday, in between the period 12PM-1AM at night the Crow has to be removed from the cage and its chest has to be sliced open and the Liver has to be removed. The rest of the body of the Crow should be brurried.

Then, the Crow’s Liver has to be buried in the ground on the path, which is normally being used by the end target of the Vashikaran Experiment, the desired person, who is sought to be brought under the Occult Attraction Spell.

The Vashikaran Experiment will be successful only when the right foot of the desired lover fall upon the spot under, which the Crow’s Liver has been buried.

If that happens, the desired person will become infatuated with the Spell Caster and become severely affected by the Voodoo Spell and start behaving like a slave of the Spell Caster.

Note- This is a stand-alone Vashikaran Upay and there in no need for any Vashikaran Mantra or any other Puja- Vidhi.


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