Hreem Beej Remedy for Attracting Money

In some past articles on paranormal remedies for getting money and wealth or to remove poverty or losses in business, I had described the use of the leaves of certain trees in performing Money Making or Debt and Loss Removal Totke.

In this post, I have written about a remedy, which makes the use of the leaves of 3 different varieties of tress and the Beej Mantra – Hreem- ह्रीं.  This Totka is said to  attract Money and remove Money related hardships.

The remedy should be performed by following the steps mentioned below-
1] The practitioner should get 11 leaves of the Ashoka Tree on Monday.
2] On the next day, which is Tuesday, he should get 11 leaves of the Bargad [Banyan] Tree.
3] On the next Sunday, he should get 11 leaves of the Peepal [Sacred Fig] Tree.

After, bringing the leaves home, on the same day, he should clean them in fresh drinking water and keep them for drying for a few minutes.

Then, he should write the Beej Mantra – ह्रीं- on each of the leaves with Saffron Water[Kesar Ka Pani] using a small pointed stick of the Bael Tree.

Then, he should keep the leaves in some clean place in his home and start chanting the Mantra – ह्रीं-. The total number of Mantra Chants are 100,000. Any kind of counting rosary can be used to count the number of Mantra Chants.

After, the conclusion of the prescribed number of Mantra Chants, the practitioner should immerse all the leaves collectively in any flowing water body like the sea, river or a canal. This concludes this paranormal remedy for gaining sufficient sums of Money or to unlock your fortune.


  1. Respected Sir ,
    Thankyou for sharing this sadhana.
    I have a few questions,
    1- can u tell who is the diety of this mantra sadhana
    2- the number of days in which we should complete the japa.

  2. Dear Sir,
    How to identify a Mantra whether it is a Satvik Mantra or Shabar mantra or Taantrik Mantra or Aghor Mantra or Tamsik mantra?

  3. but guru jee sunday ke din peepal ke patte nhi todne chaiye, aapne bataya tha fir sunday ke din kaise karna hai. please reply

  4. second thing guru jee yeh 1 lakh jap kab tak pura hona chaiye . dusra guru jee saare patton ko ek saath hi pani mein bahana hai,

  5. Neelji. I have 2 doubts. 1) the peepal leaves and banyan leaves which I collect on monday / Tuesday has to be kept at home till Sunday and perform puja altogether on Sunday ? 2) Is bael patra same as bilva?

  6. sir we have to bring the leaves on different days so should I keep the leaves in water from the first day?

  7. To all the above-
    The procedure is clearly explained in the post.
    This Tantra says Peepal leave should be brought on a Sunday.
    The Sadhana should be commenced on the first day itself when the Ashoka leaves are brought home.

  8. ram ram Neelji . yaha suriname me barghat ka pher nahien milta hai , peepal aur belh to hai.

  9. Dear neel ji
    So We have to start the procedure from the monday only and we have to bring peepal leaves on sunday then should we continue procedure till Sunday or can complete it in 2-4 days

    1. The Sadhana should be commenced on the first day itself, which is Monday and continued until you finish the 100,000 Mantra Chants, it can be a couple of days after Sunday.

  10. Gd evening sir my daugter having depression is in hospital si can u pls help me to have a mantra which can help her to calm down.

  11. neel sir can the total chanting of the mantra be done in a month or are there any specified number of days

    1. You can complete the experiment by chanting a fixed number in as short a period as possible.

    2. thank you sir
      it is mentioned to write the beej mantra on the leaves , for that may i know what is the correct way of positioning the leaf.
      1. placing leaf horizontal , pointed end to the right side
      2. placing leaf vertical , pointed end downwards
      3. placing leaf vertical , pointed end upwards

      Which one is the correct one , if there is any methods of writing mantras on leaves.

      Thanks in advance

    3. Specific method is not applicable, but you can place the leaf in the 3th position mentioned by you.


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