Mantra to get a Decision in your Favour

The Mantra experiment described by me in this post is a rare and unheard of paranormal experiment, which is performed to get a decision in your favor. The decision can be of any kind, including a legal, court, financial, family, work-place, job-interview or a decision in which the practitioner is vying with another person for the love of the same person.

The Shabar Mantra Prayog should be commenced on a Saturday in the evening. The Experiment should be performed without any clothes on the body in the nude. It can be performed in a secret/isolated place or a closed room.

The practitioner should light Pure Natural Dhoop/Loban on a Chulha [stove] in-front of him and then take a thorn of the Nagfani Plant[Prickly Pear in English] in his hand and keep offering it the Dhoop and keep chanting the Mantra given below 108 times.  A counting rosary, including a Rudraksha Japa Mala can be used for this purpose.

किलबिलबाई किलबिलबाई किलबिल हमारी टाक जो हमारा नाम ले उसके मूपर तीन खिलो मार मेरी भक्ति गुरुकी शक्ति चलो मंत्र ईश्वरो वाचा ||
Kilabilabai Kilabilabai Kilabila Hamari Taak Jo Hamara Naam Le Uske Moopar Teen Khilo Maar Meri Bhakti Guru Ki Shakti Chalo Mantra Ishvaro Vacha ||

After, the completion of the Mantra Chanting, the practitioner should throw the thorn in the same fire.

This procedure should be repeated on the next day, which is Sunday and then again on the next two coming Saturday-Sundays.  Three consecutive Saturday-Sundays in all.

Notes- The practitioner is likely to get frightened while performing the Mantra Experiment, but he should not loose his courage and complete the experiment. Faith and intensity is of utmost importance while performing such Shabar Mantra Experiments.

The Prickly Pear thorns should be uprooted from the plant by the practitioner himself.

After getting the favorable decision, the practitioner should distribute some sweets to a few small children.


  1. guru jee ek baar mantra bol kar dhoop offer karna hai fir mantra padhna hai. esey 108 baar repeat karna hai. guru jee am i right. secondly, guru jee chulha lakdee wala ya gas stove jalana hai. fir us raakh ko kisi river mein bahana bhi hai. please reply

  2. guru jee yeh one time sadhna hai ya apni wish ke liye har baar karnee hai

  3. Guruji
    Please explain: color of asan and clothings, which direction to be faced? Is a formal puja to be performed? Can one use a havan kund instead of a chulha? Are the thirns to be immersed/dipped in ghee?

  4. YES it works if you sicerely try it, i got a good worth contract

  5. Hi Neel,
    Hope you r well. Hope you can clarify something here.

    1) Do I need to uproot/pick whole prickly pear or Thrones of prickly pear.
    If it's only thrones I need to pick, then only one or how many exactly?

    2)Can I hold throne (as per your answer in 1)in left hand and count rosary in right hand?
    And keep left hand above dhoop, so it can get constant dhoop.?
    Look forward to your answer.
    Thanks in advance.


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