Mind Healing Yantra to Remove Depression

An easy and simple to practice Indian Paranormal Remedy to remove any type of depression,  due to any reason, including the break-up of a marriage, love-affair, demise of a near and dear one, illness and diseases or work-place, financial or academic failures is described by me in this post. This remedy makes the use of a stand-alone Soothing Yantra without the need to engage in any other kind of religious ritual or worship.

The Mind Healing Yantra, which is comprised of  numerals, which vibe to a specific numerical frequency can be drawn as show in the image on white paper and written with black ink.

Indian Occult Mind Healing Yantra to Remove Depression
Mind Healing Yantra to Remove Depression

Then, it should be worn on the body, either in a Metal Locket or kept on some other place on the body like the pocket or purse.

Very soon, the user will notice that the depression, sadness or feeling of being lost subsides and the user starts regaining interest in life.

The numbers are given in the Devanagari Script, they can be replaced, if so desired with English numbers-
First Row Horizontal – 4-9-2
Second Row Horizontal- 3-5-7
Third Row Horizontal- 8-8-6


  1. When and which day this yantra should be prepared?

    1. Can be done on any day at any time as described in the article.

  2. This is pandrah(15)kaa mantra.Third row horizontal-8-1-6

  3. The last horizontal line does not add up to 15 . Should it be 8 1 6 instead? Also is it ok if it is put in a glass locket and kept in pocket?

    1. The numerical are the same as I found in the text, I have confirmed it once again.

  4. Sir can i use two different yentra for two different purpose at same time


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