Vidhna Vinashak Prayog using Haldi

This is probably the easiest to practice Vidhna Vinashak Prayog or a paranormal remedy to remove or repulse known, unknown, seen or unseen dangers. All that is done is to draw a – ॐ -symbol on the main/front door of the house using Haldi[turmeric] paste. Such Om symbols on the main door of the house are commonplace in South India, especially among the Tamil people.

Normally, people in Tamil Nadu use a mixture of grounded rice and turmeric to prepare this paste by adding a few drops of water. However, in my opinion, only a Om symbol using turmeric will be sufficient to practice this remedy and it will have the same effect. It is also advisable to draw the Om Symbol every day.

Om On Front Door to remove evil energies
Om On Front Door

Another very simple paranormal remedy to sanctify and purify the place, which is used to store cash, jewelry or other valuables is to clean that place and light an oil lamp and incense stick and then place a Halkund[turmeric stick] in that place. That is all that should be done.  This is said to attract pure and helpful vibrations into that place and remove and repulse dull, regressive and harmful energies. In the Tantra, it is said that doing so makes Laxmi reside in that place.

Haldi as explained in earlier post, is known to possess strong medicinal and paranormal powers. In astrology Haldi being yellow in color corresponds with Bṛhaspati or the Planet Jupiter. Hense,  people using Haldi for its paranormal properties can chant the Bṛhaspati Mantra – Om Brihaspataye Namah - ॐ बृहस्पतये नमः as much as they like.


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