Powerful Protection Talisman using Gorochana

In this post, I will explain a most simple method of preparing at home a most powerful Protective Talisman or Taaveez using Gorochana, the famous Tantrik item. This talisman is considered to be extremely effective in repulsing or removing evil paranormal energies, vibrations and harmful, regressive and dangerous ghostly entities, including Bhoot-Pret and Buri-Atrupta Atma.

This Suraksha Taaveez can easily be prepared by the lay-person at home, provided he or she has in their possession Original Gorochana, which as explained in earlier articles is normally found in the stomach of a Cow. It is used in a wide range of Tantrk practices, including Vashikaran and Maran Experiments, the preparation of all kinds of Yantras and a vast range of traditional Indian Occult Spells. Gorochana is a part of a large number of Yantras and Charms, however, this is a stand-alone paranormal experiment, in which Gorochana is the only Tantrik ingredient.

The talisman should be prepared on the auspicious astrological occasion of Guru Pushya Amrit Yoga. This is the best date to prepare this Gorochana Talisman. However, it can also be prepared on any other auspicious Hindu Festival, Tithi, Shubh Muhurat or Astrological Yoga.

1] Take a piece of Gorochana and grind it with a few drops of water to make a smooth, consistent and thick paste.
2] Take a square piece of Bhopatra and apply a coating [Lep Lagana]of the Gorochana Paste all over the Bhojpatra.
3] Then, before the Gorochana Paste dries up, draw/inscribe the Beej Mantra – ह्रीं - in the center of the Bhojpatra using a Aanar Kalam[pointed stick of the pomegranate tree].
4] Then, remembering your Ishta Devta worship the Bhojpatra and offer it Dhoop and Diya of Pure Cow Ghee. If you do not have a Ishta Devta or a favored deity, then you have to remember Shiva, while making the offerings to the Bhojpatra.
5] Then, fold the Bhojpatra nicely and wrap it inside a red colored piece of cloth and then insert it inside a Gold or Silver Locket and tie the locket around the neck like a protective talisman.

Such a talisman is also said to be beneficial in attracting money and wealth in the direction of the practitioner and making other persons amicable towards the practitioner.

Note- there is no need for any kind of Mantra Chanting, while preparing this talisman, if the practitioner so wishes, it is left entirely to his wishes.


  1. Neel ji it can be used for shani Sade sati, please reply.

    1. Yes, you can use it for sade sati as described in the post.

  2. Respected Neel Sir, Namaskar, I had already write u regarding to asjk contents of yaksha karadam but u not asnwering. This is a noble cause why u not answering me

    1. It is a fragrance like substance, which is available ready made in shops selling Tantrik items, you can look up the net for the details.
      You have to understand that on this site, information is provided to everyone, however, due to time constraints, it is not possible to answers each and every minute detail, which can easily be found on the net.
      Next time, please post the queries on the concerned posts only.

  3. Gorochan is basically the gallstone of cow hence not in stomach but gall bladder. Original gorochan is not available easily, at least not in the market. Original cost is quiet high, 5-6 thousand for a gram or so. And you have to visit Muslim bucharkhana where cows are slaughtered to get them . Because there is no other way to have it or rely on other sources.
    Now another imp thing is that it's not available in every cow. The identification is a secret told to me by a chattisgarh based tantrik , that those cow who drink water by stepping Inside the pond or lake etc, develop gall stones . As it is a disease after all.
    Only for the sole purpose of sharing my thought . Thanks

  4. Can it be kept in the purse or in the puja place or any cubboard, bcoz we cannot wear it to neck as that would be visible to all .. ur reply is imp

  5. Can we put tat in a cubboard or at puja place or any purse,coz it's not possible to wear as would be visible to all,so pls clarify my doubt n till how it should be kept with us pls clear the doubts,

    1. In that case, it will not work like a protective talisman outside the premises.
      However, there is no harm in using it in the house for good-luck and house protection.


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