Ganesha Yantra Prayog for Pati Vashikaran

In this post, I have explained the Tantrik method of performing a very unique and secretive Ganesha Yantra Prayog for Pati Vashikaran or an occult experiment dedicated to Ganesha to keep your husband under your thumb.  The Vashikaran experiment also makes the use of a Ganpati Mantra to infuse the Yantra.

You can perform this Ganesha Vashikaran experiment to control, manage and enchant you husband on any day by following the steps mentioned below.

Take a large sized Bhojpatra and Draw the Yantra shown in the image on the Bhojpatra using a mixture of the following items- 1] Elephant Dung 2] Gorochana 3] A few drops of the Blood of the Anamika or Ring Finger. A pointed stick of the Chameli Plant should be used to draw the Yantra.

Occult Spell making use of Ganesha Yantra for Pati Vashikaran
Ganesha Yantra for Pati Vashikaran

Then, the black colored soil/mud from a farm should be brought home and a Murti in the likeliness of Ganesha should be prepared using this mud.

Then, the Yantra should be nicely folded and inserted inside the stomach of Ganesha Murti and the should be stomach closed.

After, this the Ganesha Murti should be offered Dhoop, Deep, flowers, garland and Naivedya and worshiped by chanting the Ganesh Mantra given below all the time while making the offerings.

देव देव गणाध्यक्ष सुरा सुर नमस्कृत |
देवदत्ते महावश्यं यावज्जीव कुरु प्रभो ||
Dev Dev Ganadhyakshaya Sura Sur Namaskrut |
Devdatte Mahavasham Yaavajjiva Kuru Prabho ||

Finally, the Mantra should be chanted three times and the Ganesha Murti should be buried about 2 to 2 and a half feet under the ground.

This completes the Ganpati Vashikaran Tantra Experiment to control and manage your husband and make him submissive and obedient with the blessings of Shri Ganesha.


  1. Namaskar sir, i want to know is there any mantra for removing bad habits.plz advice sir.please

    1. Pleasse try to do meditation & recite your favorite God mantra as many times in a day for a period of 3 weeks... ofcourse you need to have firm mind that you want to quit bad habit.

      I'm telling this out of my experience....

  2. Go to "ram mantra to quit hardest addictions"from prophet666

  3. Dear sir gorochan is not available in original. Any substitute for that. I came to know that cow urine mixed with cowdung can be used in place of gorochan.thanks

    1. You could experiment using a mixture of cowdung and gomutra or cowdung and cow gee or milk and see if it works.


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