Good Luck Charm using Banyan Leaf

We have spoken a lot about the Pushya Nakshatra [the constellation Delta Cancri], a most auspicious and powerful astrological Yog for the commencement of anything, including money and trade related activities.  We have also from time to time written about the importance of the Bargad Tree [Banyan Tree] in the Hindu religion. Now in this post, I have written about preparing a most simple good luck charm, which uses the potency Pushya Nakshatra and the Banyan tree to make a business attract money and customers and flourish.

To prepare this lucky charm a fresh and undamaged leaf has to be removed from a Banyan tree during the period of the Pushya Nakshatra. The leaf should then be brought home, the practitioner should consider the Banyan leaf to be a symbol of Laxmi- Narayana and wash it and  place some scented flowers, a couple of incense sticks and a oil lamp  in front of it. Hindu religious text have mentioned time aand again that the Gods are attracted to the leaf of the Banyan tree.

After this during the period of the Ashlesha Nakshatra [the Alpha Hydrae constellation], the practitioner should place the Banyan leaf in his cash counter, safe box or wherever he keeps his money.  Hindu religious texts.

In case, the Banyan leaf is damaged in the future, there is no need to panic, all that has to be done is to immerse it in a water body and follow the same procedure, which I have mentioned above to prepare another good luck charm.

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  1. Dear All,

    I can vouch for this charm, as I have experienced positive results from this charm and also to whom I suggested to do this charm.
    This charm can be done once in year and by doing this charm one get rid-off many problems including financial, job, any sort of harassment, food, peace of mind etc etc.

    MOST IMPORTANT PART & Some Experience Shared: Even, you can bring the Banyan leaf on Ashlesha Nakshatra [the Alpha Hydrae constellation] in the morning before 9 AM after having bath and regular pooja. Before plucking the leaf from tree, just do a small prayer in front of the tree and take permission and also tell for what purpose/purposes you are taking the leaf and then you take the leaf from tree. While you are praying or taking the leaf from tree on Ashlesha Nakshatra [the Alpha Hydrae constellation], a SNAKE may appear or give darshan to you (if you are very lucky, some of my relatives and friends have experienced this including me), if it appear, don't get scared, just do a namaskar and take the leaf and come. (Your wish will get fulfilled or problem will get solved very fast, may be 1000% faster and consider it as a very auspicious).

    The best suitable time to worship/offer pooja to Leaf is 6 PM to 7 PM, because this is the time where both Vishnu and Lakshmi get pleased immediately and shower their blessings. One more important part of this charm is that, after doing pooja, sit in front of the leaf and chant the below mantra 108 times. Before and after chanting this mantra say your wish/problems which you want to get rid-off.



    Sriram Om

    1. Dear sir can we use auto fallen leaf and can we do this on saturday?

    2. If the leaf is fresh and undamaged you can use it, the period for making this Charm is mentioned in the article.

  2. Dear Sir,
    I wish to ask that when I bring on Pushya Nakshatra than after few days Ashlesha Nakshatra will come so where do I keep the leaf so that it doesn't get dry?


  3. Pls answer amit ranat question. Even my query is same. Pls reply. Thanks

    1. I had same question. but solved after google search. those are simultaneous dear! second one starts after 1st ends. Search google for date and time.

  4. namaste guruji
    i want to ask u if we can do this remedy with two leaf .one for office and one for home in one time??ravi pushya yog is coming on this nov 29 midnight....can we pluck the bargad leaf at night ...i mean early morning of monday at 4.00 a.m when the ravi pushya yog prevails or is it bad to pluck it at night? please advice gurji as the yog is coming very soon...

  5. namaste guruji .
    can we keep this good luck charm in home tijori or almirah?or is it only for business purpose....

  6. Namaste guruji can I keep the leaf in my purse

    1. Yes, you can keep this Charm in your money purse.

  7. Namaste Guruji.
    Thanks a lot guruji for sharing such helpful informations. This is the first deed i am going to prepare with your help.
    Please help to clear a little confusion. I want to keep it in purse as you said Lakshmi Manoj. But if i have to go to any hospital or crematoria or touch dead body (purse always remains in my pocket ), then the charm would be okay or I have to do something to regain its power guruji? what should i do? please answer coz i am preparing it to day.

  8. Pranam Guruji..
    Pls pls pls pls pls pls Its Urgent Guruji.. Please reply. I did it today morning 8:30am (Amrita Yog) as you told. Today was Pushya Nakshrata but today was Amavashya also! Is it Good or bad guruji? tomorrow I (Ashlesha Nakshrata)will keep it in purse. Would there be any Negative effect for Amavashya Guruji? please reply Guruji.

    1. There should be no negative effects of the remedy as it was performed on the prescribed Shubh Muhurat, you can keep the leaf in your purse.

    2. :-) Thanks for reply Guruji.. Tanks a lot.

    3. Guruji,

      Can I pluck more number of leaves and keep them in my place or do I need to pluck and worship only one leaf - please guide.

    4. One leaf as mention in the article.


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