Muslim Taweez to remove Evil Eye in Children

This is a Yantra of Islamic origin for removing evil eye in infants and children. Healthy and good-looking infants and children are believed to be most susceptible in attracting the Buri Nazar or evil eye. This simple and easy to prepare Charm uses the number 786, which is regarded as a most important and sacred number by most Muslim texts.

The number 786 is said to be numerically related to the phrase “Bismillah ir Rahman ir Rahim” which is most often used to greet people in the name of Allah.

The Yantra has to be prepared as shown in the image given here, on a Friday, on white paper, with any kind of ink. The name of the child believed to be affected by the evil eye has to be written on the side. 

The prepared Yantra has to be offered some Incense/Loban, after this it has to be folded and stitched inside a cloth Taweez and tied with a string around the neck of the affected child like a protective amulet.

A Muslim Talisman to remove Evil Eye in Children
Muslim Taweez to remove Evil Eye in Children

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