Ancient Evil-Eye Protection Mantra-Yantra

In this post is given a unique Indian Tantric experiment for protection from the Evil-Eye/Evil-Gaze/Buri Nazar of any cruel or jealous person or a powerful Tantric or Black Arts Magician. It is normally believed in paranormal circles all over the world that the vibrations emitting from the malefic gaze of an evil person can cause harm and do damage to the recipient of this evil gaze. This ancient Vashikaran Experiment makes the use of a Vashikaran Yantra and a special mantra to invoke the powers of nature for protection.

The Vashikaran Protection experiment is believed to have been practiced by the great Indian warrior king Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. In this post is given the procedure for the practice of this Vashikaran Tantra-Mantra- Yantra Sadhana. However, this experiment is not for the common person as the procedure is difficult and the practitioner should not divert from the Tantra and make mistakes in practicing the Sadhana.

The Yantra known as the Kala Nal Yantra-काला नल यन्त्र has to be written on a Bhojpatra with Gorochana paste, using a pointed wooden stick. Then some mud near the trunk of any tree has to be taken and a Mud Doll of the person to be put under a Vashikaran Spell has to be prepared. Then the Vashikaran Yantra has to be affixed on the chest of the Mud Doll and sincerely worshipped by offering it Dhoop/Deep/Flowers.

Each letter of the name of the evil person has to be written on the Vashikaran Yantra after the word Hra – ह्र and the last letter should be Hreem-ह्रीं. The example shown in the image is the name Ramlal-रामलाल. Any name should be written in the same format and the last letter should always be Hreem-ह्रीं.

Ancient Evil-Eye Protection Mantra-Yantra practiced by Shivaji Maharaj
Ancient Evil-Eye Protection Mantra-Yantra
Then on the Chaturdashi of the Krishna Paksha [fourteenth day of the dark half of the Hindu fortnight] a hole has to made under a Cooking Bhatti [Cooking Owen called chulha in Hindi] and the Mud Doll has to be buried in that hole.

After this rice has to be cooked on the Cooking Bhatti and after the rice is cooked, the blood of a goat has to mixed with the cooked rice. Then a fire Havan has to be prepared and the blood mixed rice has to be offered [Ahuti] to the fire Havan while chanting the Invocation Mantra given here 800 times, each time chanting the mantra like making the Ahuti.

Thus concludes the Evil-Eye Protection Yantra-Mantra Sadhana.

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