Tantric Experiment for Money and Black Magic Removal

The Hatha Jodi, Siyar Singhi or Gidar Singhi and the Billi Ki Jer are among the more important and sought after items to conduct Tantric experiments. If anyone has these items in their possession and if they are genuine, then the most powerful Tantric experiment given in this post can be performed using these three items together.

The Hatha Jodi has been described earlier in this post HERE and the Siyar Singhi in this post- HERE. The Billi ki Jer or the Billi Ki  Naal is the umbilical cord of a cat; it is a rare Tantric item because after delivering her kittens, the cat destroys it or eats it, hence most difficult to procure.

A silver box has to be filled with Kumkum [Red Vermilion], all the three Tantric items, mentioned above have to be kept in it, and the box has to closed tightly. Then the Tantric experiment given below can be performed.

The silver box containing the Hatha Jodi, Siyar Singhi and the Billi Ki Jer should be kept inside the cash box in the office or shop. In the morning after opening the shop or office, the silver box should be opened and Dhoop/Agarbatti should be offered to the three Tantric items until the Dhoop/Agarbatti extinguishes. Then the silver box should be closed and kept back in the cash box or the safe.

If the silver box is kept in the home or in the Puja Place in the home, then the practitioner should open the box after having a bath and perform the same experiment, which is described above, the benefits will be the same.

This Prayog is said to remove all kinds of evil, malefic and ghostly Shaktis from the premises and also remove and reverse any Tantric Black magic experiments conducted against the practitioner. The experiment is also said to attract Laxmi into the premises, increase the inflow of money, and increase the business.

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