Dakshin Mukhi Hanuman Sadhana

The Dakshin Mukhi Maruti means an idol of Hanuman facing the south. This is believed to be a fearsome and powerful positioning of a Hanuman Murti. Though, some explanations have been given regarding the positioning of the Dakshin Mukhi Hanuman, my sense is that, this has got a lot to with Ramayana and the Battle of Lanka, which faces the south. This is where the fearsome and most powerful side of Hanuman was seen. However, I am still doing some research on this Maruti Murti as it seen as being important in Tantric Experiments.

The Sadhana given in this post is performed to gain freedom from all and any kinds of financial dangers and expected calamities; including the unbearable burden of debts. The Sadhana is done for three days as explained in the post below.

The Sadhana commences on any Thursday, in the morning, mix a teaspoon of Haldi [turmeric] in your bath water and have a bath. Then offer a Diya of Pure Cow Ghee [Pure clarified butter of a Cow] to a Peepal tree [sacred fig tree].

Then on the coming Saturday offer a mug of water, mixed with a teaspoon of sugar to the Peepal tree and keep a Diya of Sarson Tel [Mustard Oil] near the root of the Peepal tree.

After this, on the coming Tuesday morning, visit a Dakshin Mukhi Hanuman Mandir and do 108 parikrama of the Hanuman Murti.

Come back home and read the Hanuman Chalisa 11 times in a row, and then read the Bajranj Baan and Hanuman Ashtak both once. This concludes the Dakshin Mukhi Sadhana for freedom from financial dangers and becoming debt free.

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  1. Dear guruji,
    I have to take a diksha before permoing any kind of sadhna or sidhdhi?
    I heart about it that without guru diksha , these mantra will not works ? (any kind of mantras)
    plz clearfy my doubt..

  2. are diyas to be lightened, I need your esteemed advise Neel sir.

  3. Done the ritual as mentioned above in how any day we will see the effect or there is anything else to to be done

  4. Do I need to perform for consecutive Thursday, Saturday & Tuesday or just once.

    1. This is a 3 day Hanuman Sadhana to be performed on the 3 days mentioned in the post.

  5. Can we visit dakshina Hanuman temple before Tuesday also? when sadhana started on Thursday.

    1. The Sadhana should be performed as mentioned in the article.

  6. East facing siddh hanuman temple is der near home 200,years old temple can I do 108 pradakshina.or dakshinmuki temple is mandatory please reply me.thanking you

    1. Dakshin Mukhi Hanuman Mandir is prescribed as per this Tantra.

    2. OK thank-you sir.you didn't post any Sadhanasiddi and prayoga related to navratri


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