Mantra to call Supernatural Entities

There are a number of reported instances about the calling of extremely powerful spiritual and supernatural entities from higher astral worlds. There is also a specific Hindu Tantra to call a supernatural entity and get some specify answers from it, in this post, I will explain, how a entity can be called from the other world with a Mantra Sadhana.

There are numerous such mantras already published on the site, however, those mantras are for specific entities described and named in the various Tantric texts. The entity, given in this post is an unknown one and hence the practitioner is stepping into unknown territory. Hence, extreme caution is advised, even for the advanced practitioner for the practice of this experiment.

The experiment should be conducted on any Solar or Lunar Eclipse by lighting a Diya of Jasmine Oil [the Diya should be of clay and a cotton wick should be used]. Dhoop/Incense, flowers and a Bhog of Satvik food [pure vegetarian food] should be offered to the Diya. Then this Mantra should be chanted 1008 times, using a Rudraksha Mala, this gives Mastery over the mantra.

After completion of the Mantra Chanting the soot residue from the Diya should be mixed with an equal quantity of Pure Cow Ghee [ Pure Clarified Butter of a Cow] to prepare a Kajal [ Kohl or eye-liner].

Then to conduct the actual experiment, the Kajal should be applied to eyes and the mantra should be chanted once. The practitioner can then ask any question about the past, present and future to a child, who has not attained puberty. The Supernatural Entity answers the question through the child.

Note- The experiment is only for extremely advanced Yogis and Sadhus and even these persons should exercise extreme caution.

A Hindu Spell to get answer from a Supernatural Entity
Mantra to call Supernatural Entities 

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  1. Can jinn calling sadhna be done at any other place than grave yard, since hindus may not be allowed in muslim grave yard for sadhna?

    Mayur Bavishi

    1. The Muslim Jinn calling Sadhana has to be done in a graveyard and not in any other place, a Christian graveyard will also do.

  2. sir ji i want jinn power but how pls help any new mantras

  3. sir ji how find un ground thiking any mantra

  4. Sirji, once the Kajal finishes, do I have to repeat the process again Or can I do top-ups of the Kajal, please answer.


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