Nostradamus on India - Pakistan Undeclared War

This is a yet to be interpreted prophecy of Nostradamus, described an undeclared or some kind of proxy or unofficial war or conflict going on between two groups or nations.  It could also refer to the ongoing conflict between India and Pakistan, which has been underway for over 25 years, first over Khalistan and after that over Kashmir.

“Green and Brown in undeclared war at night they will be besieged and pillaged. The brown captured will pass through the Prison, His temple opened, two slipped in the plaster.”

Green and brown are the colors of the armies of India and Pakistan respectively. In this prophecy, Nostradamus could possible referring to some sort of climax to this undeclared war.

The brown one, that is Pakistan is likely to suffer from a massive assault and will become the besieged one and will be pillaged, that is if this Nostradamus Prophecy refers to India and Pakistan.

Another possible interpretation could be the climax of India-Pakistan war of 1971 over East Pakistan, now Bangladesh. Nostradamus speaks about the captured brown one, this could refer to the over 90,000 Pakistani soldiers captured by India, who spent time in Indian prisons.

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