Shabar Mantra for Paining Ribs

Rib Cage Pain can result from a number of causes, including physical injury to psychological cones, like severe anxiety. The paining ribs can be a cause of severe discomfort while eating, breathing, and coughing and during pregnancy. The Shabar Mantra in this post is believed to cure and give relief to those people who are suffering from this condition.

The Shabar Mantra has to be Mastered on the day of the Hindu festival of Holi, the night of Diwali or during the period of any Solar or Lunar Eclipse, by chanting it 1008 times non-stop, using any kind of Counting Rosary. While chanting the Mantra the practitioner should keep a burring stick of Loban [incense] in front of him.

Ancient Hindu Shabar Mantra Spell to get relief from paining ribs
Shabar Mantra for Paining Ribs

Then for actually practicing the mantra on a person suffering from paining ribs, the practitioner should burn about 1 kilogram of wood and twigs as long as his little finger of seven Besoms, the Besom is a traditional broom used in witchcraft rituals and Wicca. It is also called Kersuni in Hindi.

Then he should take some of this ash in his hand, chant the mantra 21 times, and then blow the ash on the ribs and body of the person who is to be cured.

This mantra invokes the great Lona Chamari or Chamarin, the most powerful practitioner of the Tantra, about whom, I have written about in previous posts.

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