Most Powerful Videshan Maha Mantra Tantra

In this post is given a Most Powerful Videshan Maha Mantra Tantra. This is an Indian Tantra experiment to divide even the best of friends and make them hate each other to the point where they become sworn enemies of each other. This is a Tamas Guni Tantra and should be used only when your existence or that of your loved ones is threatened.

This is a Siddha Shabar Mantra and hence does not need to be mastered, in order to use it. The Sadhak who is sufficiently developed in Shabar Vidya can use it.

The Videshan Tantra
This Tantra requires three ingredients given below
Some Mustard Seeds.
Wood of the Aak or Safeed Madar tree, botanical name - Calotropis gigantean.
The ash from a funeral pyre.

A most powerful Indian Enemy Destruction Science Mantra to divide enemies
Most Powerful Videshan Maha Mantra 
All these three ingredients have to be crushed and powdered together. Then this powder is infused with the mantra, by holding it in the hand and chanting the Videshan Mantra 108 times. Any kind of counting rosary can be used for the purpose of counting and the powder can be put in a container and then held in the hand. The word “Amuk’ which appears once in the mantra has to be replaced by the names of the two persons sought to be divided and made enemies of each other.

After this, some of the powder has to be secretly thrown on the bodies of the two persons. This concludes the Videshan Tantra.

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  1. There is only one AMUK in the mantra where else you have said it appers twice....Please explain...

    1. Thanks for pointing out, it has been rectified. The work amuk which appears once in the mantra has to be replaced by the names of both persons sought to be divided.

  2. difficult to get pyre ash pls guide on alternate

  3. Guruji,
    Should the mixed powder can be thrown the two people on seperate days or on the same day? Please clarify

    1. Yes, but in as short a period as possible.

    2. Guruji,

      I can throw the powder on one person only so in that case will they get separated?

  4. It requires to sprinkle on both is far away ..what to do.?another method

  5. baba i neef some hep how can i contact you

  6. guru ji i want saperate two people but they leave faar from me how can i throw ash on them and it is very difficult for funeral ash


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