Dur Bhago Videshan Yantra

Dur Bhago means run far away in English and the name of this Yantra is exactly that, it is called the Dur Bhago Videshan Yantra. This Yantra, the scriptures say should be practiced by someone who wishes to free himself from the clutches of an enemy and has little chance of breaking free; hence a most powerful Videshan Yantra.

This is a fearsome Yantra and hence some Tamas Guni item which are extremely difficult to procure. The Yantra has to be drawn as shown in the diagram given below using a mixture of the Blood of a Crow, Vulture and the Menstrual Blood of a woman all in equal quantities. It can be writing using a pointed wooden stick.

Once prepared it should be worshipped as usual with offerings of Diya, Dhoop/Agarbatti and flowers. Then it has to be buried inside the home of an enemy, if the enemy lives in an apartment then hidden inside his or her home.

The Videshan Tantra says that as long as the Yantra remains undiscovered, there will be fierce fights inside the home of the enemy and he will forget all about you and his enmity towards you and not trouble you.

Caution Note – Such Indian Tantric Experiments are only for the advanced Tantric or Yogi well versed in these matters and not for the common person.

An Indian Charm to Divide Enemies by making them fight each other
Dur Bhago Videshan Yantra

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