Indian Tantra for Removing Enemy Troubles

This is a somewhat funny and strange sounding Indian Tantra to Remove Enemy Problems.  This Shatru Nashak or enemy destruction experiment is free from any kind of Mantra Siddhi and Special Sadhana and can be practiced by any person. The science behind this experiment is to transfer extremely powerful vibes in the direction of the enemy, scare him and thus stop him from unnecessarily causing problems for you and harming you. In this post, I will explain who this Tantra Prayog is practiced.

The Experiment
Upon getting up in the morning, take the name of the enemy 3 times and abuse him or her from the bottom of your heart, with anger and hatred.
Then write his or her name on a Bhojpatra or Blank White Piece of Paper, using Black Ink.
Then go to some secluded or lonely spot and burry the Bhojpatra or Paper in the ground.
Then hammer an Iron Nail over the spot, where you have buried the Bhojpatra and spit with contempt on that spot.
After this remove your Shoe or Sandal and taking the name of the enemy hit the spot, with anger, hatred and contempt.

Then go back to your house, wash your hands, feet and face and say a small prayer to God to put good sense in the head of the enemy and stop him from creating problems for you or harming you. This experiment will only work for you, only if you are the aggrieved party and are using it solely for the purposes for protection of the self or near and dear ones.

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  1. Interesting site! Visit ?
    Please don't jinx me.

  2. sir,this post is very important to me because ,in present, I am being harassed by witch . if anyone more than one enemy how them restrict?by doing it separately for them?plz u give me some extra explanation on this id is

  3. Sir..there is a huge garden in my house ...can I bury the paper over there???please reply as soon as possible as this is a matter of urgent concern
    Thanks a lot

  4. Dear Neelji,

    in description upon getting up in morning, please clarify is the person should not wash his face,
    can the practice can be done on by husband or brother behalf of wife/sister.

    Thanks & Regards

    1. Yes, the experiment should be done without washing the face, the experiment should be done by the concerned person only and not by anyone else on her behalf.

  5. Sir can the same totka be repeated for one enemy?


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