Mantra for unbearable stomach pain

It’s my first priority to give as many health mantras as possible. So that the needy get more and more options. This service is given to give hope to those who think they have lost hope. These mantras and remedies will only work for those that have faith in them, if you have no faith then don’t try them as it is a waste of time.

The mantra given here is another one of the Shabar Mantras which relieve pain; even unbearable pain; especially in the stomach. This mantra does not have any Siddhi procedure.

The mantra can be practiced on yourself or a loved one. Take a small piece of Black Salt[Kala Namak] with the three fingers of your right hand and chant this mantra 3 times to infuse the Black Salt with this mantra. Then mix that piece of Black Salt in the food of the person suffering from pain.

This is said to give pain relief and ease the pain of the sick person.

Indian Healing Mantra for unbearable stomach pain
Mantra for unbearable stomach pain

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