Laxmi Poojan Mantra for Businessmen

Laxmi Poojan is the most auspicious and eagerly awaited day by businessmen all over India. As the lifeline of business is money; read Laxmi, Laxmi Poojan is celebrated with Pooja, Havans, Mithai and the bursting of crackers.

The mantra which I have given is said to be a potent Laxmi Mantra; and is said to give fruit. If those in business wish to chant a specific mantra, then they can chant this one if they wish. The mantra invokes Laxmi to remove obstacles in business and usher in prosperity.

After the completion of Laxmi Poojan; this mantra can be chanted 108 times using a Lotus Bead or Sphatik Mala.

Hindu Laxmi Poojan Mantra Chant for Businessmen
Laxmi Poojan Mantra for Businessmen

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