Nostradamus in his centuries has written in code many startling quatrains which describe the current global situation and wars which are raging at the moment and are likely to rage in the very near future, these quatrains which were written in code language have been deciphered by me and I am putting here below some of them which appear to look very frightening but the relevance to today's events is clearly seen.

Soubz l'opposite climat Babylonique,
Grande sera de sang effusion,
Que terre & mer, air, Ciel sera inique,Sectes,
faim, regnes, pestes, confusion
'In the land of Babylon there will
be great blood shed.On the land and
sea and air god will appear to be unfair
Sects, famine, regimes, plagues and confusion'

This quatrain most aptly describes the situation, which is prevalent in Iraq today. In the times of Nostradamus Iraq as we know today did not exist the ancient city of Babylon was known to everyone hence Nostradamus describes as the land of Babylon. Nostradamus further sees the war on land, sea and air, he sees sects, which means the various militias owing loyalty to religious preachers and the divisions in the Iraqi society after the fall of Saddam Hussein. He also sees great shortage of food and essential supplies and foresees plagues. Nostradamus says that the gods are unfair to the common people of Iraq who are suffering great misery.

Nostradamus Art 3D of worldwide destruction
Nostradamus Art 3D
Quand seront proches le deffaut des lunaires,
De l'vn à l'autre ne distant grandement :
Froid, siccité, danger vers les frontieres,
Mesme où l'oracle a prins commencement
'When the defeat of the lunar people
is very near,they will not be very far
from each other. There will be dangers
on the frontiers, even as the oracle begins his reign'

This quatrain describes the current situation in Afghanistan and the Taliban and Al Quaida as the lunar ones, Nostradamus sees that the Taliban are spread across the two countries of Pakistan and Afghanistan, he sees how the Taliban have spread across and established their influence in the tribal regions of Pakistan and then spread across Pakistan, he sees that the frontier between the two countries is full of danger. What I will not explain here is how Nostradamus describes this war as the period when the Third Antichrist will begin his reign.

Pres loing defaut de deux grands luminaires,
Qui suruiendra entre Auril & Mars,
O quel cherté ! mais deux grands debonnaires,
Par terre & mer secourront toutes parts.
'Shortly after the defeat the two great
lunar signs in the months of march and
April there will be unprecedented loss of
life. But two great nations will bring help
to everyone by land and sea'

Nostradamus sees that when the Taliban and Al Quaida are completely defeated in Afghanistan and Pakistan there will be a great destruction in terms of loss of life and property, but the silver lining, which he sees, is that two great nations will bring help to everyone. This describes an unprecedented destruction and unprecedented help from probably the USA and European Union in terms of aid and relief packages.

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