Bad Karma of the London Olympics Games 2012

The London Olympics Games are scheduled to commence on 27 July 2012. The Olympics are without doubt the greatest spectacle on earth which repeats every four years. The London Olympics of 2012 promise to be no exception; yet are different from the other Olympics of the past except the Berlin Olympics of 1936.

The Berlin Olympics were the Olympics of Bad Karma; the London Olympics of 2012 are poised to repeat the Bad Karma of Hitler’s Nazis. One very well knows what happened to the Nazis and Hitler.

The Jews of Hitler are replaced by the victims of the Bhopal gas tragedy, caused by the negligence of The Dow Chemical Company; the proud sponsors of London 2012.There is no official count of the number who died immediately and in the aftermath of the tragedy nor those who suffered and still continue to suffer from the after effects.

The Dow Chemical Company has so far gone scott free with the aid of lumpen politicians in India as well as the USA. All appeals to drop Dow Chemicals have fallen on deaf ears; the International Olympics Committee and the British Government are unrelenting. Money and more money is what concerns them; the dead can go to hell. These are the GAMES OF SLAUGHTER; celebrations on the graves of the dead.

This is an unfulfilled prophecy of Nostradamus; one only hopes it does fulfill itself in  London 2012. One only hopes that ghosts of those murdered by DOW Chemicals don’t  come seeking vengeance. No does not know what will be the Bad Karma of the London Olympics 2012. One does not know when and how this Bad Karma will strike.

Century 10-. 74.
Au reuolu du grand nombre septiesme,
Apparoistra au temps ieux d'Hecatombe,
Non esloigné du grand eage milliesme,
Que les entrez sortiront de leur tombe.
Century 10-74
The year of the great seventh number accomplished, It will appear at the time of the games of slaughter: Not far from the age of the millennium , When the buried come out from their tombs.

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