The secret of death

Death is an unchangeable truth of life. It is something ones sub-conscious mind tries to avoid thinking about. Hence the sub-conscious mind more often than not does not identify with death; like with most other certainties of life. Hence for the normal person death is something which happens to other people. This is a post on the secret of death.

Here I would like to talk about the natural process of passing from life to death. Yes! I have used the word process; death is just another process; like birth; part of a much larger process; which we are a part of. I have already spoken about that process some time back; you can read about it here HERE.

The dying process starts approximately six months prior to ultimate death. Only those who are in this natural process will notice the changes in their sub-conscious. It is for these people that I am writing this post.

This is an interesting story from the ancient Indian epic the Ramayana; in my opinion one of the greatest scripts ever composed. Towards the end the Demon King Ravana is killed by the seventh Avatar of Vishnu; Rama.As he lay dying Ravana made peace with Rama [Supreme Spirit] and surrendered himself and his knowledge to him. The epic describes Ravana, who had spent his entire life indulging in evil deeds going to heaven.

The moral of the story is and this corroborated in Indian Wisdom that the soul goes to that dimension which it last desires for. Hence Indian spiritualists advice, those who know that they are dying to meditate on the Ever-Existent. The last wish always comes true.

When one is on the verge of dying, one always feels scared. This is because the soul knows that the time to leave the body has come. What the soul does not know is where it is going to go after leaving the body; hence it gets scared.

The soul as it nears death starts merging with everything and goes in and out of the Non-Dual state of existence. This is also a new experience for the soul; it does not know what is happening. For example when you are near the bed of one on the verge of dying, you might hear that person saying what you think is nonsense caused due to physical and mental conditions.

This is not true for example when you hear the dying person saying " will the cupboard fall on my head " or " will the suitcase kept on the cupboard fall on me "; it means that the soul is in a partial state of Non- Duality. The soul has partially merged with everything, including the cupboard and the suitcases.

When the person finally dies the soul finally free from the confines of the deceased body feels, lives and experiences ecstasy , it experiences its true power.Such a freed soul is oval in shape, about two and a half feet long and of a silvery white and shinning color. Those fortunate to see this form of the soul; will feel the strong current of ecstasy running through their bodies, if they touch the soul.

After this the soul goes to one of the dimensions; depending upon its Karma. One thing I must stress here is that the laws of Karma do not apply to the one meditating with dedication on the Ever-Existent. The last thought should always be one that of the Ever-Existent.

What I have written here is not based on what the scriptures say or hearsay; but on first hand experience and is authentic; though I would not like to discuss that here. To one who is dying, death is just another chapter in the journey of the soul. It’s just like your first day at school or job; something much bigger. This is the only secret of death.

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