Yantra to increase intelligence

This is a Yantra to increase intelligence. The Yantra given below has to be written with a sharpened stem of a rose on a Bhojpatra paper. The paper made from the bark of the Bhojpatra tree [Himalayan Birch], has been used since ancient times for writing purposes in India, and is considered to be most auspicious.

Then this Yantra has to be put in a locket and tied on your right forearm. This Simple Yantra, which can be prepared at home is said to increase intelligence. Remember to write your name in the center where I have written the word name.

Hindu Yantra to increase intelligence
Yantra to increase intelligence

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  1. plz tell me that can i use blank piece of paper instead of bhojpathra,and it was said that to tie yantra to right arm is that applicable to girls also

    1. sir if i dont want to tie on arm or wear in a locket then where can i keep the bhojpatra. also idf i dont want to emboss on metal then

  2. dear Neel sir,

    what kind of ink should I use on bhojpatra paper? Also, can the locket be cloth or does it need to be silver or copper or some other material. Do the Shastras say how long it takes to see results

    kind regards

  3. Dear Sir, some time if i want to use more than 2-3 yantra and as you have advised to put it in a taveez and wear it in your forearm, can i wear all these 3 or 4 yantra in a single thread containing 3-4 taveez. or 4 tavez should be separated by each other. plz guide.

    1. The Taveez can be put together if the thread or locket advised are of the same colour or metal otherwise they have to be put separately on the forearm or neck.

    2. Guruji pranam ..
      U told to write name in middle bt which name to write ..? The name that comes in kundali or simple our calling name .. Plzz guruji reply me ..
      Thank u ...

    3. The calling name by which you are known in society as.

  4. sir, sorry but I dont understand. thread or locket advised are of the same colour or metal? do you mean, for example I am wearing two yantras in one silver locket tied in red thread around my forearm- is that ok? sir please reply, I will really appreciate and be obliged.

    1. I have not mentioned the colour of the thread or locket, so you can use any kind of thread or locket.
      In my opinion every Yantra should should be used in a separate locket,
      If unable to keep more than 2 lockets, then you can keep the other Yantras in your pocket or wallet.

  5. dowser shows extremely negative energy present in this yantra. checked twice.
    kindly check this whoever suggested it.


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