Mantra for ecstasy

Soundarya Lahari; The waves Beauty, by Adi Sankaracharaya is a composition the more I read it, the more it fascinates me. The entire composition is from start to finish vibrant with unique and live mantras.

Shankaracharaya who is probably the greatest exponent of Non Duality, is seen here describing the ecstasy he felt while on his journey through the Himalayas. This ecstasy can only be described by one who feels and lives it; as Shankaracharaya did.

The deeper spiritual meaning of this verse no.12 from the Soundarya Lahari is far more profound than the literal translation.Shankaracharaya tries to put the awakening to reality into words. Mere words fail to describe the sensation he experiences.

The Goddess of the ice mountain described in the verse, is nothing but a word used to describe the Ever-Existent which he becomes one with. The beauty of the Ever-Existent is beyond description; beyond words; none can describe it, except Shiva; the greatest Yogi.

This verse is a complete and vibrant mantra to experience the ecstasy of being one with the Ever-Existent. This is the mantra to achieve beauty of speech, inner beauty; the beauty of a pure soul. This mantra is recommended to those wishing to experience inner beauty. The verse, in the original Sanskrit may be difficult to pronounce, but great things can’t be achieved without some effort.

त्वदीयं सौन्दर्यं तुहिनगिरिकन्येतुलयितुं,
कवीन्द्राः कल्पन्तॆ कथमपि विरिञ्चिप्रभृतयः l
यदालॊकौत्सुक्यादमर ललना यांति मनसा,
तपॊभिर्दुष्प्रापामपि गिरिश सायुज्यपदवीम् ll

English Translation
Tvadiyam Saundaryam Tuhinagirikanye tulayitum,
Kavindrah Kalpante Kathamapi Virinchiprabhrutayah l
Yadalokautsukyadamara Lalana Yanti Manasa,
Tapobhirdusprapamapi Girish Sayujyapadavim ll

Oh! Goddess of the ice mountain,
Even Brahma and the greatest of the divine poets,
Falter when asked to describe your incomparable beauty,
The beautiful Goddesses eager to have a glimpse of your divine form,
Can only see you through the eyes of Shiva,
And to do so they have to they have to strive,
To be one with him in order to see you.

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