Mantra for Marriage

This is a very unique and rare Mantra for Marriage. This mantra is suitable for those who want to find the right kind of life partner; the person of their dreams; want to get married at the right age. The mantra is also suitable for those whose marriages are delayed or if there is opposition to the marriage.

This Mantra has to be recited 108 times early in the morning after having a bath; this should be done before Sunrise. Or you can recite this mantra in the evening after Sunset. This has to be done everyday till you get results.

Tatou yayau rampurogamaiah shanaiah l
Srugal madhyadiv bhaghrudhdtiah ll

ततौ ययौ रामपुरोगमै: शनै : l
सृगाल मध्यदिव भागह्रूध्दति : ll

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  1. Will this mantra helpful for those who want love marriage, will this mantra remove all the objection included in a love marriage ?,like objection from parents.If we'll do recite this mantra with full devotion then will it help?

  2. Neelji
    Meri sister is a non believer... Can i chant this mantra taking her name. I am married though

  3. hello Sir,
    Can we chant this mantra when we are having monthly periods? if to stop, then for how many days ? And within how many days can we expect to have positive results ?

    1. As this mantra does not need any puja- archana you can continue chanting it during the periods.
      As regards the second part of your question, we try to provide the solutions, the rest is in the hands of God.

  4. Dear Guruji,
    I was about to get married to my fiancé but suddenly he is acting unreasonable and is calling it off. He also acts weird when his niece is around. I can sense she and her mom( my fiancé s sister) want him to stay single so he can pay for their expenses . They also do not want to talk to me but visit my fiancé all the time. The niece is over every weekend. I wish them no harm but they are ruining everything and he wants to call off the wedding because of this. My life is getting affected and I want them to leave us alone. Please help.

  5. Guru ji this mantra is too difficult to recite ,please give the audio version


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