Ganesh Chaturthi - A Satvik Festival

The popular festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is being celebrated with great fervor all over Maharashtra and also in other parts of India. Here I have to add that Ganesha Worship is Satvik or pure worship. Ganesha stands for the Eternal God, the God of all beginnings amongst countless qualities attributed to him.

Hence all beginnings have to commence in a Satvik manner, this is so because a Satvik beginning always ensures a Satvik chain reaction.

Here I would like to give an example of an extremely wealthy politician know to me. This person has risen to a position of prominence from extremely humble beginnings. He owns numerous diverse businesses apart from being a well known politician.

This person is also a great devotee of Ganesha and has constructed a temple of Ganesha some 25 to 30 years back. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with great fanfare by this man and his family.

Today I noticed a big Havan being performed by about 50 priests in his Pandal in front of the idol of Ganesha. The smoke and smell rising out of the Havan was everywhere.

This Pandal is located next to a luxury hotel owned by this person. In the premises facing the road and just next to his Ganesh Pandal is a Kathi Kabab Stall also owned by the same person. This is a small stall which does roaring business throughout the year.

The thing I couldn’t help noticing was that the smoke from the Havan was mingling with the smoke arising from the Kathi Kabab Stall. Thus spread across the entire area was the smell of the Satvik ingredients used in the Havan and the strong smell of roasted meat coming from the Kathi Kabab Stall.

What was astonishing was this wealthy politician is so much in love of money that it did not cross his mind to close the Stall for just a couple of hours. This guy for the first time in his political career has suffered a set back in the elections. Probably greed is getting the better of him.

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