Proper diet during Coughs and Colds

Coughs and common cold are regular and periodic ailment which affects almost everyone’s Health .Normally one feels better in 5 to 6 days.

There are certain foods which are best avoided as these aggravate the ailment. One can feel noticeable relief if one is on a Proper diet.

Here I am giving a recommended diet if one is suffering from cough and cold. There is no harm in following this diet till one feels better in a few days.

Beneficial –Jaggery, Lime, oranges, apples,padval or parwal[pointed groud], bitter melon,amla[Indian gooseberry], black raisins, dried figs, ginger, sabudana [Sago pearls]and unpolished grains.

Harmful – Sugar, milk products, tea, eggs, bread, biscuits, cake, polished rice, ice cream, sweet potato, chocolate, bananas and maida products.

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