Remedy to increase height

I get numerous requests to write about Remedies to increase height. For these readers I am giving here a Remedy, which involves the use of Homeopathic Medicine. However before using these medicines it is essential to consult a practitioner; as. to the dosage depending upon your physical condition.

These two medicines have to be taken for approximately a year to stimulate growth.
Calcarea phos [calcium phosphate]
6XThyroidinum 200 C

To increase height it is essential to have a diet rich in Calcium content. Sugar intake has to be minimized; naturopathy describes sugar as “Calcium thief’. One can replace sugar with Jaggery.The intake of salt should also be closely monitored and excess salt should be avoided.

Along with the diet and medicines Acupressure therapy on the Palms and Soles of the feet help to stimulate the Glands necessary for the stimulation of growth

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  1. how often should you take the thyroidinum?

  2. My age is 25..I am slim and medium height boy. Can I take this above medicines?
    Please also give details about the dosage? When and how many pills should be taken? after food?

  3. is there any mantra for inreasing height ????

    plz!!!!!!! post some simple mantras for gaining height

  4. Dear Neel/Ashok Sir,
    Is there any mantra for increasing height?

    1. If I find one such Mantra, it will be posted on the site.

  5. You can get taller even after you have experienced puberty! “Yes! There is a fifth growth spurt that is obscure, and unknown to many people. There is still more research to be done but studies have shown that the adult years still retain the potential to get taller. After puberty marks a time where height growth still happens and the body capitalizes on the remaining growth after adolescence to the final growth of a person.” grow taller pills


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