Words of caution for those who practice mantras

This post has been specifically written to caution readers of this Site and to those who practice various Hindu Mantras and remedies.

Over the past few months it has come to my notice and I have also received a lot of Mail about the malpractices of certain Sites/Blogs.

The owners of these Sites/Blogs claiming to be Yogis/Gurus/Tantriks/Godmen and other such impressive persons have copied/scrapped and sold to gullible persons the various mantras available free of cost on this Site.

I request you to be very cautious while dealing with Sites/Blogs selling Attraction Mantras ,Health Mantras , Protection Mantras and other remedies. According to the sacred Hindu scriptures the mantras do not work if you sell or purchase them.

Some of these crooks have also written e-books from content unauthorisedly stolen from this Site. I have in my possession the names of these Sites/Blogs/Individuals and also complaints of cheating against them which I have received from those whom they cheated.

If required I will publish this list and also take effective preventive measures against these crooks.

I am writing these articles on mantras for educational purposes and for the benefit of the public and not for profit. I do not even accept donations.

This is an open Site and Sites/Blogs are welcome to use the content as long as they put the attribution link back to this Site.

Taking action Against Content Scrapers
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  1. Thank you for the relevant information all must keep it in mind as it is very real.I congratulate you for keeping your site free and clean.

  2. It very good you are educating the people what is mantras and how it help them in curing .......

  3. introsan666@yahoo.comNovember 28, 2011 at 9:18 PM

    Jai Bhairav Dev,
    Liked your views and am impressed wiyh your honest knowledge. May Mataji Maha Kali and Lord the great shower their blessings on your good self to keep the 'deepak' of enlightenment always enlightened & showing the path to all.

  4. If I am not familiar with how to use yantra and mantra but would like to do so where can I get information about that

  5. Thanks very much for posting these simple remedies.

  6. Your mantras are all extremely powerful. I have physically witnessed them. Need to chat with you for a specific purpose. When? How?
    My email id is subramaniyamraju@gmail.com

  7. You are truly a saint. I have practiced your posted mantra for ear pain some time ago and I find that everyday my ear is progressively getting better. Thank you for this website and I pray that our creator blesses you in every way imaginable.

    Hari Om Tat Sat

  8. It is very true,,,we should understand one simple thing.. we all are normal human things..and we should remain that identity only..any malpractice will always bring devastation of oneself in oneself.I saw many people who knows so many thing but they dont have the greatness to help even needy people free of cost.Even they cheated people daily.We all are really thankful to you guruji..that you always keep on blessing us with sacred Hindu Mantras and spirituality.Thank you so much for helping mankind in such great way.God Bless You Guruji.

  9. You are doing a great selfless service to the betterment of humanity at large. Kindly keep it up. -- B.R.Kumar

  10. Appreciated your great efforts in this direction. It would have been a great help if the English and Hindi/Sanskrit pronunciation complements to one another.

  11. sirji. ap itne mantr batate ho. ek adh mantr sir ke baalo ke liye bhi bta do agr koi ho to. means balo ko ghana krne ke liye. aur girne se rokne ke liye.

    apka bohat dhanyawad hoga. plz bta do. meri id h preet.jarora@gmail.com

  12. Thank you for your remedies. You are doing a great service.

  13. Namaste Guruji...... I am suffring about my knee please tell me/help me to healing my knee? Thank you very much flu your kindly reply :-)

  14. god bless you guruji..you are doing a great job helping people by keeping this site free and clean..parmatma aap pe hamesha kripa ka hath rakhe..naman from the core of my heart..thnks..

  15. Guruji can i combine all purpose mantra of lord ganesha and marriage mantra and chant together.thank you

    1. Yes, you can certainly chant both the Mantras togeather.

  16. guriji pranam I lost everything itook loan fr business & been cheated lost my house money jewellery etc.iam depressed,istay with my mummy daddy brother sister, i read ur article mantras& yantras.since 2months iam reciting laxmi mantrasfor poverty.guriji kindly I seek your blessings.

  17. just 1 query ...why did u put that number in ur name ?

  18. some basic concept of tantra.
    1- Without guru diksha, one cannot attain siddhi, No matter how hard he tries.
    2- whoever states to give Diksha over cell phone, Photo or Online. Do not believe in them, Is it completely impossible, They're fraud.
    3- Before admitting anyone to be your Guru, think hundred times, Peek his background and his sishyas then judge, whether he's genuine or not.
    4- If you're doing any sadhy, never reveal to anyone (During!).
    5- Place your Asaan(Mat) over tiger skin, for fast siddhi, And never sit on naked floor.
    6- You can either use Kumra Chakra for favorable results.
    7- If you're doing Satvik sadhna, you'll have to follow all the rule of satvik. Like, Can't have sex or masturbate, Not to wear any clothes which washed by female, not to eat and drink anything if they're cooked and served by women, Cannot touched by women, Not to cause any harm to animals and humans, No bad intentions about women, either you can't dream about these above things. (No! Its not quite hard! There's always ways, and overcome, all you to do little research about how to reduce feelings of sexual desire).
    Again I'm stating, Without following any of above rules, one cannot attain siddhi, no matter how hard he tries (No hard feelings ;) )
    Good Luck to you :)

  19. Thank you for this site, ...it is absolutely the best site of mantra & tantra in all the net

  20. Guruji charansphar.

    Guru ji please give me mantra. I have been cheated by many person, in love life and in money related and in my new business. Please guru ji neel ji please help me..give me something that in near future and throughout my life nobody can cheat me . Please help please 🙏

  21. Guruji charansphar 🙏

    Guruji please help me. ...give me something in which I myself not be victims of cheat. Guruji I already got cheated in my love life, in money matters and now I don't want to get cheated in my new business. Please help me guru ji.
    Please help me out & give me some effective mantra or anything that can protect me and my business from cheater .
    It will help many people like me . For God's shake help me 😢
    Thank you so much 🙏

  22. Sir, you are doing such a noble work by providing information to people who are helpless... Some people are making money by fooling helpless people and if you know them you should take strict action against them.. Thanks a lot for helping people. God bless you.....


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