Durga Mata protection mantra

This is a protection mantra dedicated to the Mother Goddess in Hinduism Durga Mata .This Mantra is from the Durga Saptashati [ढुर्गासप्तशती] which is contained in the Markandeya Purana;the Hindu religious scripture commonly believed to have been written approximately 2500 years back.

This particular Protection Mantra calls upon the Mother Goddess Durga Mata signified as the Ever- Existent for protection from all the obstacles in life.

Devote Hindus recite this Mantra while lighting a Diya [lamp] in their place of worship.

Shulen pahi no devi pahi khadgen chambike l
Ghanta swanen naha pahi chapajjanih swanen ch ll

शूलेन पाहि नो देवि पाहि खड्गेन चाम्बिके l
घण्टास्वनेन न: पाहि चापज्यानि:स्वनेन च ll

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  2. sir all mantras u hav given all powerful to practice & for faster result should hav ur permision or deeksha im curious .pl reply sir

    1. There is no need for Diksha or permission to practice any of the Mantras unless it is specifically mentioned in the article.

  3. Hi sir,
    . I want to know about inderjaal as my wife knows this to a very extended level she and my inlaws use this or I say black magic even to my mother who is paralized even she uses these type of things during physical relations I am very tense plz plz guide me she knows what I am thinking I need ur help my id is girishsharma079@gmail.com

  4. How many times to do this particular mantra please. Thanks

    1. 7, 11, 21 or 108 times in the morning or before going to sleep at night.


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