Mantra to be recited while washing the limbs

In the Hindu religion there are unique Mantras for almost each and every task. It is stated in the scriptures that the unique vibrations of the mantras make that particular task fruitful.

This is one such unique Mantra which is recited while washing the hands and feet.

Om guruji adesh kaaya dhuve deha dhuve pani kari shudh swarga jata vate dei nirmal kari kund narayanaya swaha adesh ll

ॐ गुरूजी आदेश काया धुवे देह धुवे पाणी करी शुद्ध स्वर्गा जाता वाटे देई निर्मळ करी कुंड नारायणाय स्वह: आदेश ll

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