Nostradamus on the future of Rahul Gandhi

This was that particular prophecy of Nostradamus, which I had interpreted to be the one, which was descriptive of Gandhi, this quatrain seems to be right on course for fulfillment. The portrayal of Sonia Gandhi as the saintly widow by her supporters is there for all to see. Sonia is also a stopgap arrangement for the ultimate successor of the Nehru/Gandhi family Rahul Gandhi.

For quite some time now, Rahul Gandhi has started calling the shots. He in fact is already the defacto Prime Minister and the Congress President as of now. The larger game plan is to adopt a pro-active and aggressive attitude towards their principal opponents. Rahul was quoted by Wikileaks that the biggest threat to India is from the Hindu terror groups. Hence in the aftermath of every terror strike stubble hints of the involvement of the RSS/BJP/SANGH PARIVAR ARE DROPPED.

These quarrels are mounting day-by-day Digvijay Singh the man handpicked by Rahul Gandhi for this task is going hammer and tongs at the opponents. The man “instructed to appease the quarrels “means the man handpicked to keep the pot boiling, will ensure that the quarrels go out of hand.

ambition 3D Image
Century 6 -29
La vefue saincte entendant les nouuelles,
De ses rameaux mis en perplex & trouble,
Qui sera duict appaiser les querelles,
Par son pourchas des razes fera comble.

Century 5-29
The godlike [saintly] widow hearing the news, Of her son placed in perplexity and trouble: He, who will be instructed to appease the quarrels, He will pile them up by his pursuit of the shaven heads.

The second part of this prophecy is indicative of the one leading to the prophecy of NOSTRADAMUS ON INDIA and his prediction of revolution in India .It is not the principal opponents the RSS/BJP/SANGH PARIVAR who are likely to cause the change. This change could be some other party.

I had already mentioned in my post about the Prediction of revolution in India how Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev are nothing but the manifestations of the public anger over the mis governance and looting going on in India. The person/persons most likely to herald in a violent change will be the next manifestation of the public anger. This manifestation will adopt a pro-active strategy which is going to be violent for the current set of rulers; this include the ruling Congress and the principal opponents as well.

Now we come to the timing of this prophecy. I would say that we are right in the middle of it as of now. Things are moving rapidly and are going to gain momentum in the near future. What I see is a period of change and violence in India.

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  1. about the future of rahul gandhi / maino /Jehangir ...Nostradamus wrote century 1 - 88 "The divine wrath overtakes the great Prince,
    a short while before he will marry.
    Both supporters and credit will suddenly diminish.
    Counsel, he will die because of the shaven heads."


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