Future of the Anna Hazare Movement

Anna Hazare's Movement has gained momentum over the past few days; it appears that the Indian Government after its initial bravado has taken a couple of steps backwards. This strategy could be because they were taken aback by the support given by the media to Anna Hazare, and the public outcry over his arrest. Another thing on their minds is the international attention, which he is getting.

They now know that they can’t use brute force to break up this movement like they did in the case of fast. The strategy this time around will be negotiate, take a couple of steps backwards and buy time.

The most mystifying thing is why and on whose orders is the Indian Government trying to derail and brutalize these movements. After all what both Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev are asking for is tougher laws to combat corruption. There is nothing wrong in what they are asking for; they should have welcomed it.

The initial success has given the common man a glimmer of hope of some kind of drastic changes on the way. The only thing he wants is some improvement in his ECONOMIC CONDITION, which is desperate, and freedom from being at the mercy of the looters.

The sleazy guys in their Government and their controllers will most certainly give in to some of the demands, like the inclusion of the Prime Minister under the ambit of the Lokpal. This might get the activists off their backs and then it’s; business usual; looting.

There is definitely some kind of deal with opposition parties; notably the principal opposition party, after all they are both the two sides of the same coin. They know that all they have done is to buy time and wait for the momentum to subside. They know very well that revolutions can’t be fought twice.

I firmly believe that Corruption and criminalization of politics in Indian has scaled such dizzy heights; to stop them or to ask the proposed authority like the Lokpal to stop them is akin to asking someone to break a mountain with his head. The common man believes that some kind of Revolution in India is underway. I feel sad and sorry for the common man. I don't know what is the future of the Anna Hazare movement.

Having researched a lot of Prophecies about India; including those contained in the Hindu Puranas and the prophecies of Nostradamus, I firmly believe that a revolution is on its way. However, I must say that this will not be a peaceful one; the looters controlling India will not give in to peaceful measures. The coming revolution will be a bloody one. The looters are going to meet a bloody end.

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