India to a wafer thin minority of less than 5% of the total Indian population of over 125 crores appears to be shinning. These persons who are living in fool’s paradise are quick to point out that India is ranked as the 4th largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP) calculations by The International Monetary Fund and World Bank.

The 2009 Forbes Rich list mentions 52 Indian billionaires, a figure which has almost doubled over the past year. Forbes also indicates that unlike the global ranking, the Indian list includes some family fortunes, and the combined net wealth of the top 100 Indians stands at $276 billion, which is equal to 25% of the GDP.

According to global estimates the illegal accounts of top Indian politicians, industrialists and corrupt government employees in Swiss Banks stands at $1456 billion, an amount which is more than 13 times the Indian foreign debt. This figure is more than the total amount of illegal funds of the rest of the world in Swiss Banks.

You can again add a few thousand persons here and there holding huge amounts of wealth domestically, and it does not take a genius to calculate how disproportionately the wealth is distributed. The final figure will comprise of a few thousand politicians industrialists and government officials holding a lion share of the nation’s wealth.

What we have here is in a country of 125 crores; the entire wealth is in the hands of a few thousand persons. These controllers of India’s wealth have addressed the needs of the next slab of less than 5% of the population in the Indian Budget 2010.The entire budget exercise is part of a larger conspiracy to create a class of Brown Sahibs/Shikandis, out of this 5% population of the country. INDIAN BUDGET 2010-THE REAL TRUTH.

Which again leaves us with over 95% of the population struggling to make ends meet. The Budget 2010 has totally and purposely ignored the needs of this 95% of the population. The real purpose is to keep them so pre occupied with poverty that they have no time for politics or any kind of introspection on the reasons for their poverty.

The castrated and enslaved media and the captive economists are not going to tell you the truth. But the truth is everywhere it is impossible to hide, how are they going to hide the fact that 1/3 of the world’s poor population lives in India. This leaves us with the obvious questions-
With massive price rise, intended to help the elite, how are you going to feed the poor?
What about housing for the poor?
What about health care and education?
With labor laws totally biased towards the employers, how are you going to ensure reasonable employment?
With layers upon layers of government departments spending billions on themselves how do you divert money for the poor?

These are just a sample of questions, which have no answers. It has always suited the Nehru/Gandhi family to have a corrupt structure; this helped them consolidate their grip over the country. The Italian Gandhi’s have gone a step further, the direct loot of the nations reserves have touched new heights.

These are questions, which appear to have no answers; the owners of the Congress party will try to divide the Hindus further on basis of caste/creed and regionalism, to keep the people preoccupied. The Shikandis/Brown Sahibs and Uncle Toms will play their part to the hilt. But again what about food/clothing and housing.

Like the Ostrich, one cannot bury ones head in the sand and pretend not to notice what is going on around us. The basic human needs like food/clothing and shelter if not met will most certainly lead towards chaos. There will be mass looting and rioting, when one is deprived of the basic necessities of existence there in nothing else one can do, it is a natural reaction.

For India, the writing on the wall appears to be crystal clear, thinking and self respecting Hindus should introspect on these points as India is heading rapidly towards a climax.

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