The much-awaited Indian Budget 2010, the first for the Congress led United Progressive Alliance, owned by Sonia/Rahul and Priyanka is nothing but a step further for the enemies of Hinduism in their organized and meticulously planned campaign to eradicate the Hindu Religion. A simple glance at the union budget 2010 will be sufficient to answer the question-IS HINDUISM BEING DESTROYED?

This budget ensures that the poorer you are the harder you are hit. In a country where 50% of the population is fighting a losing battle to make two ends meet, and the next 45% seeing their earning dwindle and not knowing what tomorrow has in store for them, this budget is a sick joke being played upon them.

A simple glance at the budget will tell that it caters to less than 5% of the population. Again, if you have a look at this upper crust population of less than 5%, you will see that over 95% of this upper crust of 5% are Hindus. These Hindus are mostly western oriented ladies and gentlemen, the new breed of SECULAR HINDUS most of whom these aliens have succeeded in mutating into believing that the true meaning of secularism is for non Hindu rule in India.

What has been done so openly and without any fear is that 95% of the population has been looted to keep this 5% happy and preoccupied. These powers are aware that 95%of the population is so preoccupied with making two ends meet that they have no time for politics, thus they know that it is this upper crust, which counts.

If one takes the trouble to take a survey one will know that most of this upper crust do not even know the prices of vegetables and food grains, a two or three Rupees increase in petroleum prices will not even be felt by them. This extra windfall for them has a purpose, which is to create a class of secular Hindus, much like the brown sahibs, which the British created. The extra money is intended for purchase of luxuries and throw money around in multiplexes. As I have said before much success has already been achieved in mutating their minds to the extent that these guys believe that the Khans of Bollywood are their Gods and ideals. The fact that their biggest Khan/ God Sharukh Khan has a preference for Pakistani Cricketers and Singers does not count.

This groundwork is being created for direct rule by the foreigners, the proxies and Shikandis will be told to retire. The captive and castrated media, which was the first target to be enslaved, will play its part, and if it is left to them, the word Hindu will soon become a four-letter word. It was really amusing to watch how the anchors on some TV channels along with captive economists were trying to deflect the price rise by focusing on the opposition walkout instead. There is one well-known anchor who does not even make an attempt at fairness, his mind has been mutated to such an extent that any criticism of his masters makes him emotional and you feel he might burst into tears anytime.

The very fact that they so blatantly looted the poor in this budget makes you think that they have become arrogant and drunk with the power and the feeling that a country of 125 crores has been offered to them on a platter. The obvious thinking is to keep the poor completely in the grip of poverty so that they remain oblivious to the changes happening on the political front.

The next step could be some sort emergency to gain complete control and eradicate all opposition. The two recent incidents involving Rahul Gandhi and his tool Sharukh Khan in Mumbai are an eye-opener. These events in quick succession make one think IS INDIA HEADING TOWARDS ANOTHER EMERGENCY.

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