Numerous techniques in ones evolution from the dual existence to the non-dual existence have been given and taught by various saints and realized persons who are said to have achieved this state. Various texts have given various factors to watch out for. The truly dedicated practitioner of non-duality is thus confused and becomes frustrated after repeated failures, in achieving and UNDERSTANDING NON DUALITY.

I hope to clear this confusion vide this post and hope it aids all in their quest towards truly BECOMING NON DUAL. The key factor to watch out for in yourself is DISCONTENT. Yes, I truly mean discontent, discontent sets in when one becomes discontented with ones state of existence and wants something better. This is the natural push, which sets you on the right path on the unending cycle of evolution and growth.

The soul, prana or the life energy or by whatever name you may wish to call it by, is the software which powers the body, which is made up of the five basic elements of earth, air, fire, water and space. The software when it starts expanding feels restricted by the boundaries of the material body, and the process discontentment commences when it realizes that there is no further scope for growth and recognizes the maximum limits of the material body.

The prana then starts looking beyond the material body. The prana starts looking at the various options available to it, the various methods of achieving enlightenment or nirvana. Thus commences the process of discovery, the person on this path drinks in the teachings of various spiritual texts. Then there are also the physical or mental practices of Yoga and Meditation. After going through the entire process and failing to evolve, he becomes still more discontented than before.

Again, I feel I should say that this is the second key in the push of evolution. One is not likely to find the growth, which one is looking for in second hand knowledge. What is required is pure and direct knowledge, this knowledge come from the true realization of what one is trying to find. It is only when one gains this true realization, and fully understands what one is so desperately looking for and trying to find, then only one realizes the final goal.

These are the two major keys, firstly discontentment and then fully understanding why one is feeling discontented, when you realize the true meaning of this discontentment then commences the final step of achieving non-duality. What one must realize and fully understand is that discontentment is nothing but the push you are getting. This natural push is intended for you to make more efforts the final goal of which is betterment and evolution.

Now the third and final step remains, that is to achieve what you have fully understood and know. Half the battle is thus won when you know what you are doing. Failure comes to only those who do not understand or have half knowledge of what they want and this leads to frustration and mental turbulence and not discontentment.

Like I have said many times before the final realization is a very personal matter, when you fully understand the process, you have gained pure and direct knowledge. This knowledge alone will lead you towards becoming truly non-dual. And not methods and techniques which are followed mechanically. Each individual has his own unique frequency to which he responds, and it is only a matter of time when the truly realized person will find the third and final key, which will take him a step further into his natural evolution process. THE MEDITATION OF SILENCE, is but a guideline, it can be modified and changed to suit your individual temperament and needs.

Again, what is required is a pure method and technique and not a second hand one, to cross the final frontier.


  1. Hello Neel Sir

    I am confused about Hinduism and Buddhism--

    i think Buddhism says that after body dies the soul goes back to the soul soup and is dissolved into it losing its previous identity and then a new body takes shape with a new soul made from the soup and so it is not really reincarnation. so in Buddhism it seems like its a group effort to purify the whole soup. Its a team effort and individual karmas do not cause individual souls to suffer individually.

    In Hinduism i think the body dies but soul remains intact and goes thru rebirth with that same soul and suffers according to its karmas.

    I think Buddhism makes more sense because non duality implies group or whole soup. Hinduism implies individuality and so implies duality.

    Can you kindly clarify this for me.

    1. Hinduism says that the individual soul has to go through various rebirths, so as to purify itself and remove the Karmas of the previous past life and so on, so as to finally rise to the level of God and merge into him.
      The soul has to attain a certain level of purity for it to be able to be dissolved in the soup.


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