A burning desire and iron will to eradicate any bad habit comes naturally to the person who has mastered the art of self-hypnosis. The use of AUTO SUGGESTION IN SELF HYPNOSIS can be used most effectively. An autosuggestion is actually a powerful desire and expectation to see a thing happen or not to see its occurrence.

Imagination and Visualization is the key to the successful implementation of the technique of Auto Suggestion. Our sub-conscious mind is the greatest miracle-monger. The imagination, the brainchild, in combination with strong will power can work miracles. It is the imagination, aided by expectation, visualization and congenial environment or surroundings, which is the sole force behind such miracles.

Corrections and cures due to SELF HYPNOSIS are certainly due to the play of imagination. By the use of autosuggestion and its repetition, the imagination is so worked up that one feels more and more certain of the expected results. The suggestions, given in a hypnotic state, excite our imagination to such an extent that we start seeing qualities and embellishments, which we actually lack. It is something inherent in us.

Everyone has a peculiar tendency to be influenced by powerful suggestions without making conscious logical deductions, as we do to the influence of others. We believe and expect things without much logical reasoning and proof Imagination is a great agent to help us change in a way we want to change. It aids us in visualizing the expected things to happen.

Action follows the will and expectation. Under the influence of such an imagination, one starts behaving as if he had already achieved the visualized virtue or quality. Therefore imagine and behave in a way you want to be, and let the image of your ideal self be engraved on your sub-conscious, Conduct yourself as if your expectation has been fulfilled.

Self-hypnosis is simply a scientific use of imagination in respect to one self. The power and effectiveness of a suggestion can be greatly increased and turned into a successful visualization with the help of imagination. Imagine and picturise yourself as if you are already that which you always wanted to be.

For example, you want to be brave and courageous, and then feel brave, conduct yourself without fear as if you are already brave, and the cowardice will soon be replaced with courage. When you succeed in implanting the idea in your sub-conscious that you are really brave and courageous, the it will automatically become reality.

If you try your utmost, to be brave and put up frantic efforts, and think that you cannot become brave, then all your efforts will be a total waste. Your failure to become brave is because of reversed effect. Your mind cannot think of two opposite things at one time. You fail to be brave because in the heart of your hearts you believe that you will not succeed in your efforts, in such a case you are a conflict-ridden soul.

The proper use of Imagination and visualization is a boon to mankind as the power to create miracles lies in your hands.

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