Who and What was Nostradamus

As predicted by Nostradamus, the world knew about him for over 500 years, but at this moment of time, everyone is taking more and more notice about him and talking about him, then ever before.  Nostradamus had said that he, who was the ornament of his time, could never be ignored.  Nostradamus had also predicted that the world would take him very seriously, when a big prophecy made by him would be fulfilled.

Which is this big prophecy, predicted in the Prophecies by Nostradamus, given below are some of the big game changers for the world,  contained in the Prophecies.
 Is it the Big Earthquake, the Mother of all Natural Disasters, followed by the Tsunami, which swallows up the major portion of the world?
Is it the Comet hit, which changes the shape of the world?
Is about the discovery of aliens?
Is it the great Battle of Armageddon, the most destructive third world war predicted by Nostradamus?
Is it the second coming of Jesus Christ [Kalki Avatar, the 10th and last Avatar of Vishnu]?

The most often asked questions on Nostradamus by laypersons and skeptics are –
Was Nostradamus really a Prophet, who saw tomorrow?
Did he actually visualize the visions of things to come, as they unfolded before him?
Was he sent by God to warn humankind of the events to unfold in the future?
Were the paranormal powers, by which he visualized the prophecies, a gift from God?
Can one actually believe Nostradamus?

Nostradamus had made fun of astrologers and those interpreting his prophecies, based upon planetary and numerological calculations, he called them, the idiots, who had a herd mentality.  This is probably a challenge, meaning, the world will never know, what or who, he really was. This brings to mind the fulfilled prophecy made by him about the violent death of those who defiled his grave.

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