Laxmi Kavach Yantra - Mantra for Virgo

This is the Laxmi Kavach Yantra – Mantra for the 6th astrology sign of the Zodiac Virgo or Kanya Rashi in Hindi.  The people born under the sign Virgo usually have a sound temperament regarding business and hence are cautious about their money and finances. Virgoans have the great desire of becoming wealthy and hence they know the value of money and what it can achieve.

As Saturn is the Lord of the 6th house for Virgo, Virgoans will have to work hard to get the remuneration they deserve, which will more often than not be unsatisfactory.  The investments made by them will not be lucrative, as they will not give handsome returns.

Virgoans will have financial ups and downs, and will reach the top of the ladder due to the dint of their own hard work and enterprise.

The famous Laxmi Kavach Yantra and Mantra for astrology sign Virgo
Laxmi Kavach Yantra - Mantra for Virgo
Note – The method of preparing, worshiping and using this Laxmi Kavach for Virgo is the same as the one given here.

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