Conservative Religions Fade Away in Future

Though conservative religious haters of genetically improved moderns had been failing to win general public support for their wish to eliminate any moderns &/or their parents and genetic designers, as evil corrupters of God's (Allah's, Jahveh's) Wonderful Creation of humans, they had to resist criticising the public much, or that could maybe provoke some bad hatred against themselves and their religious sects. That could then induce more common folks to avoid and perhaps even significantly scorn such proud sects.

Over the last few centuries, more and more folks had been shrugging off old traditional religions as concocted rather proud fantasies badly lacking independently testable verifiable evidence. And besides, such old ego boosting fantasies had presented our universe as being an incredibly tiny .000,02% of its age determined by astronomy and physics. Also the early pretended flat land size of maybe a few thousand kilometers was fantastically an unbelievably tiny mere .000,000,000,000,000,001% (10^-20) of simply our universe's visible width! Or if allowing theology to be revised to at least have our lands instead be on an even later mostly accepted sphere of equator width 12757km, that's still merely .000,000,000,000,000,005% (5*10^-19) of our universe's visible spherical width! Thus unsurprisingly by now, in several nations, independent polls on such matters have kept showing steadily declining fractions of their populations still holding to the pretended truth of such ancient religions

By now, many ordinary Earth folks had also been deciding they liked several better invented products which some of the few moderns, up in the high orbiting settlements, had been doing well helping other settlers design even better, and then sometimes gradually keep improving, partly thanks to much robotically well served free time up there. Such products were helping to let basic living on Earth keep becoming somewhat easier, better.

All this was resulting in having some moderns try to keep thinking up more new useful inventions and products to be made down on Earth, things which often might be liked by a good fraction of ordinary folks. They felt safer, than in the past, to allow common folks to discover that one or more moderns had been creatively involved in sometimes designing such good useful or improved products. This wasn't making average common folks hateful. Few folks now minded much, if any, if some of the best product choices they might prefer had actually been devised by high orbiting settlers, sometimes including by some good thinking moderns. In fact some folks had been coming to confidently trust most of such carefully planned new products better than older traditional things previously simply designed on Earth.

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