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Religious conservatives will oppose genetic changes

If trying to proudly show off loyal passionate dedication to God's (Allah's, Jahveh's) Superior Chosen preferred ways for having Creating us to be His most Special Chosen Design for pure humans, then why be quietly accepting of many clearly unnatural other ways many loyal believers lived every month? Sometimes use microphones and loud speakers? Communicate by phones? Hadn't God (Allah, Jahveh) specifically Designed us to talk naturally simply with others near us? And what about using religious and other printed publications or books? Or what about WWWeb interactions, and maybe using emails? Obviously those are clearly far outside of and contrary to ancient purely natural ways!

How could it be that few proud "natural" humans would ever complain much about computer uses, though they were clearly most unnatural? Or use appliances depending on electric motors? Or what about frequently thoughtlessly using cars instead of just naturally walking or maybe riding a horse as God (Allah, Jahveh) had intended, long fitting His Wanted Designs for us? Or what about also using buses, trains, or even paying for flights to some destinations too far to spend weeks or months walking? And what about radio & TV? These were obviously far outside God's (Allah's, Jahveh's) established simple design for natural living, never having chosen to plan for us even 1 single electronics device!Allah's, Jahveh's

So it really made little sense for some proud religious conservatives to be too critically or vocally opposed against our many unnatural things, good for how people all around the world openly preferred living better often daily!

Meanwhile, for those having some recently selected best natural genetics , developing them into fine healthy adults, the new secure communications networks for them were giving good safe ways to devote free time to more than some ancient social animal religious worship tendencies. They liked being able to so easily share many thoughts with many others, sometimes quite extensively communicated, while often living too far away from each other to be able to easily visit much, if ever. Visits too far away, such as across a big city, could inconveniently cost too excessive travel time. Simply using their network communications could gain many much better friendships than from merely spending time playing with or maybe chatting with just some ordinary nearby neighborhood recent young, or just some local secondary school classmates.

Such secure communications networks would let them leisurely compose careful thoughts, questions, and answers, whenever convenient. Then such new found maybe even quite distant friends could respond later, whenever more convenient for them. (That's somewhat like past people writing letters when convenient, to then have these somewhat securely mailed to maybe somewhat distant folks.)

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask . If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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